Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Painted Butterfly Love

Butterfly Love
So I wasn't sure what I was going to add to my Project for Part 3 of Dealing with Anger and Hurt- but I really wanted it to be Symbolic and well, just Pretty:)
If you missed the Series you can Check it out Here.
I hadn't taken the plunge and tried a Butterfly in Acrylics, but on my last Pilgrimage to Hobby Lobby I scored an Awesome book called "Painted Butterflies" put out by Leisure Art and Produced by Kooler Design Studio, Inc.  And YES that's a $4.30 tag on it...Booyah!!
The Artist here is Chris Thornton-Deason and I was really happy with the Step by Steps as I was pretty Intimidated by such a Big Image.
So Here's my Monarch Buddy:)

I've been watching Literally 100's of Huge Monarchs feeding off the Butterfly Bush in our front yard.  I've always wanted to 'Pay Tribute' to the Amazing Artist that creates these Beauties- Jesus Christ- the Ultimate Artist:)
Here are a few Step by Step if you are interested:)
Pencil in on Big Paper...

Basecoat added with my new Best Friend- a One inch Brush!

Several layers in using Acrylic mixed with gel medium:)
And here she is all Done!  It's going to go on my 'Working through Anger and Hurt' Collage- so that will be the Next Step:)
I'm thinking about doing a totally Imaginary Blue Monarch- well, I don't even know if they come in Blue... Guess I need to do some Research there:)
I'll keep you posted as I finish that up:)
OH! and I am Definitely 'IN' for Tammy Garcia's Daisy Yellow 31 Day Photo Challenge.  I'll be Posting it both here and on Instagram:)
Hope you'll join me! 
Love to all!