Saturday, October 12, 2013

Return of the "Dollar Store Diva"

Dollar Store "Item of the Week"-  Stencil Applicators

Man- it's been a while right? 
I hit Joanne's yesterday for the First time in like, a Year- and picked up these awesome Die Cut Papers.  They were in the Paper Aisle- so sorry I didn't get the Name on them...

Swirly Goodness...


 I think this might be my all Time the Flowerliscious-ness....

I have a lot of Backgrounds to do so I was thinking I would use them as Stencils- they're 12 x 12 inches so it would be great on any surface.

So- because it was just Card Stock- I thought I would go home and add Mod Podge to both sides to make it a little more Durable. Boom- instant Stencils!

But man, I am so sloppy with Stencils!  Seriously- I try not to get impatient- but I am more of a "Paint Flinger" than a "Detail Painter"

So I decided to look for actual "Stencil Specific Equipment" while I was there. 

OMGosh-  They wanted $3.99 for one little Foam 'Dabber'!  Ain't nobody got time for that!  And girl you know how I am with Spongees- It would be $4.00 of dried-up-stuck-to-the-table-sadness  after one use!

I marched right out of there and headed to my Homies at the Dollar Store.   Now- it's not one of those "Some-things-might-be-a-Dollar" situation...oh no.  This one is the Real Deal- you can walk around with Confidence knowing your Buck will go far:)

So Here is the Magic...

Make Up Sponges

Oh ya- it's Cosmetic Sponges...for a Buck...that's just how I roll...

So, not that I'm bitter Jo Anne's- but you DID notice the number '28' on the lower left...for a buck...
I'm just sayin' !

So these little Wedges are so much better for me for 3 reasons:
1)  I'm closer to the action- my fingers are right on the stencil
2)  I can use the tip, the side or the bottom for those little details.
3) It's not as Porous as the "Dabber" which helps me Control how much paint goes on.

So Here's One of my Spongee Creations:)

I base painted the Canvas with Blue Acrylic mixed with Glaze medium then used a Plastic Bag to pull off some of the paint.  Next I used my Flower "Stencil" and dabbed on White Acrylic with my Sponges.  It did take two coats- but it dried very Quickly.

Background ready to go!

Then I worked in my Journal to play play with my Swirly Stencil...

Not sure where this one will end up- but it was lots of fun!

What is your Favorite Dollar Store Find so far this year?

Have a Fantastic Weekend and Love to all!