Sunday, October 13, 2013

"Dude- Don't fall in the Hole"

Molly's Sunday Musings.... Week one

"Dude!  Don't fall in the Hole!"

A lot of people, myself included at one point, view the Bible as just a running List of "Things I don't get to do anymore".  Like God sat around making a  list of Rules designed Especially to make sure that no one had any fun while they are here:)

Until I had kids- it really didn't hit me that I, the Mom, had Rules for my Children that caused them to say "Aw Mom- we never get to do ANYTHING! "  And they would sulk and pout and refuse to speak to me for awhile:) Sound Familiar?

 But I knew that letting my five year old have a Real Campfire in his room overnight was not the Best thing for him.  Even though he couldn't see it at the time.

And that's really what the Lord is thinking when He gives us His Word...

I know it's a Dorky Picture- I couldn't find one online so I made Nick hold that white sheet up...The Bible Kept falling over...AND it's the Bible I stole from Toby!! So now he knows darn it! Busted!

It's like Life is a big open, grassy field- it looks great! Like you could run around wherever you want to!

  But hidden under the grass are giant Holes...and in the Holes are Landmines.  

If you went running , unaware, wherever you wanted, you could Fall Hard- get Hurt, Badly...maybe even die.

But what if Someone had a Map?

You know it's from the Hobbit...Tolkein all day every day..

Would you be forced to use the map? Nope...
Could you decide to run around wherever you wanted even if it meant falling into a hole and suffering the consequences?  Yep!  
Could you decide NOT to Believe in the Map or the Map-Maker....Absolutely!  
Would that make the Holes and the Mines disappear?....Nope.  The holes are real, the mines are deadly.

It's really about God, the Loving Father saying to his Kids 
"DUDE!  There's a hole's right there- Dude, don't fall in!"  
Yes, God does occasionally speak in an 80's Valley-Style accent when necessary. 

 He's been around a little longer than we have...He actually does know what's best for us and that's what He wants...the best.

Check this out: The very first Psalm...

Blessed (Happy, fortunate prosperous and enviable) is the man who walks and lives not in the counsel of the ungodly (Following their advice, their plans and purposes), nor stands (submissive and inactive) in the path where sinners walk, nor sits down (to relax and rest) where the scornful (and the mockers) gather.
Psalms 1:1

Just some 'Molly Musings'...

Your thoughts?

Love to all!