Thursday, October 24, 2013

To Do List Mayhem...My Right Brain runs Wild!

To Do List Mayhem
So, as this is Thursday and I am writing about Monday- you can infer the kind of week it's been:)
Here my friends is the Great Wisdom I have gleaned from my Experience:
Yes- I thought that my Great Epiphany of "Choosing Two Things" was indeed a Break Through in my 'Over-Achieving-Ever-Striving-Nothing-is-ever-Enough Struggles.'
SO- Bright and Early on Monday Morning I sat down with my "Brain" which is the Hot Pink Notebook I can't live without.
My To Do List looked like this:
Ya- It's ok if you can't read it...
Here is a Brief Metaphorical Synopsis of my New "Choose Two" Program:
1)  Build a Thermo-Nuclear Reactor from Scratch
2)  Learn to Fly
Simple...just 2 things...
Is there anyone out there who can Relate???
I literally started at 6:30 and ended up exhausted, flopped on the couch at 10:00pm having only taken a 10 minute break to eat and pee.  Not once did I darken the door of my Studio.
AND!!!  I was a failure because the Very 'Simple' task of
3)  Clean Studio
Didn't happen...
Why, Why, Why do we do this to ourselves?
Why is it Never Enough?  Why do we gauge our Self Worth on our Productivity?
and Then- even when we are Ridiculously Productive- our Unrealistic Expectations Still shoot us down like a Patriot Missile!?
So- I am back to my Original List..
Tomorrow is a New Day to try to Break things down into "Non-Super-Hero" sized pieces and MAYBE- just MAYBE...allow some things to Carry Over to the next day without Self Destruction:)
Until then I will remember that in My Ridiculous Weakness He is strong..
Are you with me?
Love to all!