Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Right Brain Planner- Focus and Priorities

My Right Brain- A Radical Departure!

So last week,  I shared my new "To Do- Ta Da!" Open Project Board....This is where I'm keeping track of all my Craft Fair Goodies.  

I am happy to Report that Progress has been made!!  I added a little more "Halloween-y" Color and Let me tell you!  You thought checking things off a List feels good....Baby- you gotta try Moving these papers from one side to the Other...and then Stabbing a Thumb Tack right through it's paper heart!!!!!

But I digress....:)

So what has been the difference this week?  Why am I finally getting things done?

Remember Last week's ADD list of "To Do's and Goals"?

I had WAY too much on there.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  Instead of a practical list of things that could reasonably be completed in 24 hours, we end up writing this Enormous Fantasy List of Everything we have ever Dreamed of getting done.

Then- no Matter how many things we do- we are still 'Failures' because we didn't check Everything off.  Anyone pickin' up what I'm laying down here?

Anyway, I ended up Really Stressing myself out. AND- I literally got Nothing on the Art 'To do' list done because I put so much time on the "House Work", "School Work" "Yard Work" lists I ended up working til 9pm and never getting to what I really wanted to do.   Sound Familiar?:)

By the Weekend I was completely Frazzled and had to Apply Multiple "Emergency Dog Walks" and forced Cat Naps....I even sat in a tree for an hour...which always does the trick.

After Much "Tree Prayer"...this is the New To Do List I came up with

One thing at a time?  What Madness is this? 

So I decided to Try something New...

This Monday- I put my Creative Stuff First.  Shocking- I know!   Trust me- I was pretty suprised myself!

But Instead of Working Furiously all day Hoping I would have time left over to do Art...I tried doing Art First....I was terrified!

Monday is my Cleaning day.  I knew for Absolutely sure that If I didn't Start off with cleaning- I would be on "Hoarders: Buried Alive" by 5 pm that night.  
It's the only Logical Conclusion...
Could I risk it?

I also took the advice of my Amazing Hubby, whose been telling me for years to 'Choose 2 things'.  He's one of the Most Organized and Productive People I know, but we are Very Different Folks. First, I'm a Chick...designed by God to Multi Task...and then there's the Raging ADD....but I pressed on...

 I chose 2 things:  
1)  Finish Owls
2) Blog about the Owls

Both of these were Achievable Goals- as the Owls were almost done.

Now- the REST of my To Do List:  The House Cleaning, Laundry, Mopping, Dusting, Dinner Planning, Home School Overseeing, Goat Emergencies...all were calling to me.  I had to FIGHT to stay on task.

But Lo and Behold!  At the End of the Day.....

Five new Baby Owls!  And you can check them all out because I actually Photo'd, edited and Blogged about it!  Boo-yah!

And to my Amazement...the House even got Cleaned!  Not Perfectly mind you...and not as Clean as I usually like to have it.  But I live by these Words of Wisdom spoken by my "Oracle of Orginization"...The Fly Lady.

"Housework Done Imperfectly still Blesses your Family"
-Fly Lady

I love this Woman!

The fact that I Mopped on Tuesday instead of Monday did not cause the Planets to Fall out of Orbit...

And at the end of the day I had that "I created something totally Unique" feeling... I had a passably clean Home...and my Children were fed and did in fact have Clean Underwear.

The Moral of the Story?  Prioritize what you Love. 
 Can I do it two days in a row?  

Tune in and find out:)

Love to all!