Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Moments Round Up
Here's a Quick Peek at the Week of #TheMomentsChallenge with my Friends over at Daisy Yellow:)  If you are Curious you can click the link for more mayhem:)
Last Week was a Big Deal as Nick's Blood Counts Came Back Free and Clear of Cancer, he had Surgery to Remove his Port AND- I ordered my First Big Girl Coffee from Starbucks:)
Here's where we stay when we are down in Phoenix- If you'd like a Peak at Ronald Mc Donald's House- jump over to "Our Home Away From Home".

While we were in Phoenix...we were able to Complete our "Search for the Candy Corn Oreo" ... 
We stopped for a Moment to Pay Tribute to "The Last Chicken Standing"- He has survived against Coyotes, Bob Cats, a Brief Escape into the Wild in which he Survived Hidden up a Tree and of course- the Daily Quail Invasions.  He is one Tough Mother Chicken...
I Crash and Burn in my Endevours to Conquer my To do List in "My Right Brain Runs Wild"
And....I make Owls.  Lots of Owls in "Owlapalooza".

We May be Blessed with another Month of #TheMomentsChallenge....I am going to go Eavesdrop over at Daisy Yellow's Facebook Page and try to get the 'scoop'! 
I'll let you know!
Love to All!