Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Craft Fair Owl-a-pa-looza

Owly Craft Fair Goodness!

So as you know,  my Craft Fair is coming soon- and I as am pretty much Obsessed with Owls lately- I made a few for the Fair...

This batch is on 'Upcycled' wood that I have Rescued from Thrift Shops and now- they live again!!

Here they all are for an Inventory Shot...

So here are a few Close Ups so you can get your 'Owl Fix' for the day:)

Each one is different....they are about 8 inches by 6 inches.

I actually made most of these last year- but they didn't have all the embellishments and quotes on them.  I sold out of Owls quickly last year- but you never know!

Today I'm working on a larger Canvas because I want to include one of my Favorite Verses...

Ok- I'm off to Walk the Dog, Hit the Exercise Bike- then Lock myself up in my Studio...we'll see if I make it!

Love to All!