Sunday, October 6, 2013

Right Brain Planner- Monthly Social Media Plan

Monthly Social Media Plan!!
I know right?  I finally got around to actually doing it!  Woo hoo! 
I guess I could have done it on a Spread Sheet, or in my Spiral Notebook 'Brain'- but Obviously that hasn't been enough to Motivate me in the past!
SO!  I got out my Favorite Sharpies and my  HUGE 16 x 24 Notepad and just scribbled it out.
I will admit to have made some notes this past week on what I thought I might do, but it was so much 'Funner' to do it in Color and in "BIG"!
So what is Inspiring all this 'Get Organized' madness????
Ya, it's real folks- there I was, mindlessly looking for Size 16 Nike's for my Gi-Normo-Son Nathan  and over the Kohl's Loudspeaker...
"There are Now only 85 days until Christmas Shoppers..."
That was it...end of could see the Glazed look of Fear pass over all of us...
I know it's October- but I am Preachin' to the Choir here Girls!!! If you're gonna Craft for Christmas- you are already behind! AAAAEEE!!!
Over the last few years, the Desire to Craft Gifts has been there- but because of our Chemo Schedule it just wasn't doable.  We have been blessed EVERY year with the Generosity and Wonderful-ness of Ronald Mc Donald House Charities and Our Church Family and Friends- Christmas has been wonderful every year. 
BUT!!! This is the YEAR!!  We are Home...and Baby- I am gonna Craft if it kills me!!
Everyone might get Tacky Life Savor Planes- with Popsicle stick wings held together with yarn,   but they will get something Hand made!!!