Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mail Art Makes my Day

Mail Art Makes my Day

Not sure why, but 'after chemo' weeks are sometimes just, well,  hard.  Sometimes even when things are good it just sucks the life out of you and the next week is unusually emotional.

This week it seems the waves kept hitting me from behind- and I just ended up with Water up my Nose and Sand in the ole Butt Cheeks...

But all of my 'Uncomfortable-Beach-Related-Metaphors' were washed away when I picked up the Mail.....and......My Mystic Tulip Mixed Media Order Came in!!!!

I have been stalking... I mean 'Following' Betty Franks for months now.  She is such an incredible Talent and I love her style.

When she finally announced her Etsy store etsy.com/shop/MysticTulipArt was open- I ordered that day!
Even her Business Card is adorable!!!

As you know we live in Red Neck Ville and we don't get Mail delivered to our house.  As we are a mile out on a Dirt Road UPS and Fed Ex fight over who has to come out and sometimes they use Pidgeons or even just leave the package at the stinkin' Post Office!!

I tell you- I've bribed those boys with everything from Cookies to Beer and we still just have to hope that we're not the only order on the truck or it could be weeks.  

So- if you ever send me anything and it takes forever- it's not you my friend- it's the Pony Express out here:)

And it even has cute Flowers on the Envelope!
 of All....  And She put in a Special Extra Book Mark....Loved it!!!

Oooo.....and the Goodies Continued!!

Can You Stand The Cuteness????!!!!  The Pics don't do them the Justice they deserve:)

 I was going to send them out right away as Thanks you's....But NOPE!  They are mine!:)  I'll just have to order some More:)

Ok- now if you don't know Betty yet- go Right Now to her FaceBook Biz Page and you will see how Amazing she is.

To Celebrate her 50th Birthday....she mailed out Cards to 50 Very Lucky People- I seriously Jumped up and down when I saw the Envelope!

This is Just the Envelope!!!  Seriously?  I don't know how she did it- I think she actually Hand Painted them all!  And Here's the Back!

I've been staring at it all day today.  It's like Therapy!

Here's the Birthday Card that she sent to ME!
And I've seen her picture- ain't know way she's 50!!

I know...If it was 4 foot by 3 foot I would hang it on my wall!  LOVE it!
I am keeping all of these right in my Work shop for Inspiration!

So Go Check her out on her Facebook Page and Etsy Shop!
Remember all of these Images are Copyright Mystic Tulip Mixed Media Art- I had Betty's Permission to post them and I will hunt you down if you use them illegally:) Just Kidding...no seriously I will...

Love to all!