Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ronald Mc Donald House- Home Away from Home

Nick Gets De-Ported!  No more Chemo!

Hey Everyone!  I just realized that the last time I wrote from Mc Donald's House we were back at my Very First Blog!!!  Back when we repainted Dr Cohen's Office and I started Putting my Canvases in there, which kind of Started this whole thing!

Today was A Big Big Day- 

Nick's Labs all came out Clear and Fabulous (White Sheet). He is having surgery to have his Port Removed which means No More Chemo!! (Yellow Sheet).  We're Staying at Mc D's House (Orange Band) AND- I had my First Cup of Big Girl Coffee from Starbucks!  And I actually Ordered by myself!!

Praise the Lord all his Counts came back Fantastic and he is all clear!  We don't even have to come back or do labs for 6 weeks!  Yay!  

Remember this anyone?  Flashback! This is in Dr. Cohen's Office..

Here's a quick Peek at Ronald Mc Donald's House- our Home Away from Home!

Ya- this was voted the Creepiest Pic at the House- God bless whoever Quilted it's 5 foot by 5 foot Glory...The Little ones love it...The adults are sure the eyes are following you whenever you try to steal cookies from the Ronald Mc Donald Shaped Cookie Jar...

Here is Nick carrying in Supplies:)  We were blessed to stay in Apartment #41 this time so we get to have Food with us.  Most of the Units are just Beds and Bathrooms and you eat in a Communal Kitchen with your own little Cubby and Shared Fridges.  This unit has a Full Fridge...Score!  Ikea bags...priceless!

Here he is in the Main area of the Apartment- they have a little Kitchette to the right so when you are staying for weeks at a time you can cook your own meals.  

There's two Bedrooms you can see in the back there- one Master with a Queen Size and a one room with 2 Twins so even with Nathan we all fit:)

Here's the boys in the Living Room area- A Couch AND a chair this time:)  Usually we are in 42, and Nick and I sit in eachother's laps on the little love chair:)

Here's Yet Another Amazing Thing about Mc Donald's House.  Today after a day of Hospitals, IV's, Surgery, Cold Coffee and living off of Vending Machines...we can go at 6:00 and Some Blessed, Blessed volunteers have made a Home Made Dinner.  It's Amazing.

If you ever wondered what to do for someone who is struggling with a Medical Condition, chemo, or really Anything else, a Home Cooked Meal is SO amazing.  I can't say enough about it.

Here's the Shared Kitchen area.  There are 3 stoves, 3 Microwaves, 4 Refrigerators and everything normally in a kitchen times about 70:)

Here are the Amazing People who made us dinner on Wednesday Night- They just happen to be the Wonderful Folks who Sponsor and Maintain Apartment 41!

And Suprise!  The Dback's came in and Re-Furbished the whole Play area! Nick and Nathan have been playing here for the last 6 years!  Ya- they were on the slide just a few months ago folks...:)

Well, it's been a long day and I just woke up from my "It's-finally-over-and-he's-fine" crash on the Couch next to him while he came out of Anesthesia:)  So I'm going to sign off and say Thank you so much for all your prayers- all the Facebook, Twitter, Google and Instagram Love and God Bless you all!

Love to All!