Friday, October 4, 2013

Share the Linky 'Blog Hop' Love is back!

The Linky Blog Sharin' Love is back!

I really missed Hopping around with everyone while I took a little Break to wander around DC:)  But Daisy Yellow and Crafty Pod are at it again- with this weeks theme:

Blogs that made me Laugh!!

So here we go!  Grab a cup of Joe and have a Giggle or two!
Warning:  I have inserted some Silliness Here and There...
1) Ok- I almost peed my pants on this one... Karen Isaacson...  Drapery Rods?  This girl is this blog!
Seriously Mom?

2)  Ok- I know- it's Rushmore again- but I can't stand it....she sent an ACTUAL  Naked Sock Narwhal Through the United States Post Office Mail!  Like with a stamp and an address stitched on it!! She is Truly my hero....I am starting a Cult...The Cult of the Sock Narwhal...Karen shall  be the Grand Poobah  I shall be the "Keeper of the Sock"

"You know you want me..." -Muy Macho Lizard...
3) You all know I am a huge Brenda Fan-  Junktique - Fantastique!  Check out these awesome 'Junk-o-Lanterns'...hilarious in a Steam Punk Kind of way!

Hilarious post by HydrangeaHippo

4) Now we move on to one of my Favorite Blogs- my lovely Friend Tracey Fletcher King.  God bless her- her blog is always Tongue in cheek hilrarious....even now that she is boldly battling Breast Cancer.  I know what you're thinking- what could be funny about Cancer?  Nothing- let me tell you- we've done 6 years of it- but humor can keep you going and get you through.  And she is Rocking the Bald!!  Read her "Tale of the Wig" here...she even painted the IV pole!  We just Dress him up- and name him Steve...just a wig and shades usually, he likes to keep it simple...  Enjoy this one!

Nuff said...
5) Ok- this one is Miss Tammy of Daisy Yellow herself...she snuck into her daughter's classroom because the teacher brought in an old typewriter...hehe! 
Tammy Repels into her daughter's Classroom to use the old typewriter...
When you read it- picture Tammy repelling down "Mission Impossible" style all in black and hovering over the typewriter to type out her quote...and then having to keep that bead of sweat from rolling down her nose as she snaps the Perfect Instagram pic...We love you Tammy! 

Socks is a big Tom Cruise fan...
5) This one is a new one for me.  I just love this guys style and his paintings are fantastic.  Reading about his recent trip will make you giggle...and there's the fact that he thinks he's a squirrel....

This is the way we roll in the Country...

So there you have it Folks!  Hope you had some fun!  Stay tuned next week for "Blogs you actually Made something from"!
Love to All!