Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Moments Challenge- Weekly Roundup

The Moments Challenge- A bit Scrambled but Here!

This is the Latest Awesome Challenge from my Fave Tammy Garcia over at  Daisy Yellow!  One, Imperfect Quote and Picture for each day of this month.  I am now Addicted to Instagram- so I was so excited to start this! 

"The Skies are declaring the Glory of God and the Firmament shows and proclaims His Handiwork"
Psalms 19:1
The Pictures just never do our Arizona Sunsets Justice!
 "The moment one gives attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious awesome indescribably magnificent world in itself."
Henry Miller

My Daily Nature Walks with Sophie are one of the things that keeps me 'Somewhat Sane'.   It forces me to take time to slow down and focus very closely on something...the birds,  the ants...horses...
And trust me- my Brain speeds along like a Runaway Train so it's not easy !  But  it really brings me back to staying in the Moment and realizing that my purpose here is to Appreciate and Glorify God's works...especially what is right in front of me:)
-Lots of really smart People

Sophie and my shadows on a 'Farm Run'
 "Put your Air Mask on first before helping others with theirs."
-United Airlines

I am trying hard to take the time to Eat right and Take care of myself. Sometimes we Moms get lost in the Shuffle and we end up not Taking care of ourselves and then we wonder why we can't 'get the mask on anyone else'...:) Are you eating your Veggies?!
A few of our Babies...Fur and Other-wise..

"Consistency.  Follow Through."
- Colin Powell
My Attempt at Keeping Organized and On Track for the Holiday Season...
Sometimes we face Difficulties not because we are doing something Wrong, but because we are doing something right.

Trying to Kick an Infection Naturally.  This stuff with the Little Blue Circle is Reliv- we all do that daily.  I added the others to fight the UTI.
"Do Small things with Great Love"
Butterfly wall.  Waiting to finish these up:) 
I hope you will join us in The Moment's Challenge!
I just love getting to see a little peek into everyone's life.
See you tomorrow!
Love to all!