Friday, August 23, 2013

Daily Paper Prompt Round Up

Daily Paper Prompt Round Up!

Oh My Gosh I am SO far Behind!!!!  Even though the Lovely Tammy Garcia consistently reminds us that it doesn't have to be a 'Daily' thing I still feel behind! 

It's actually not a Daily Challenge and as long as we work in order on the Prompts we can take as long as we want.  I am just  having trouble getting out of 'Index Card a Day' Mode:)

But here are the ones I've done so far in No Particular Order Whatsoever!
Stitches- Paper Collage and Stitching


Ok- Notice that I misspelled "OGEE" like a Hundred Times!  Dyslexics of the World Untie!

"Grid" Grunge:)

More Grids!
Certification- I actually finished all the ICADS!





Whew!  I have to say that I am really having to Discipline myself lately to get in there and Create Everyday.  But Man do I feel better when I do! 
What gets you Motivated when you Need a Little Push?  Here's a Great link to Aimee Dolich's Blog where she talks about how she gets "Unstuck":)

Aimee Dolich