Monday, August 26, 2013

Christmas in August!

Goodies from my Sis!
It's Christmas in August! 
My Sis in law surprised me with the announcement that she had gotten an Excellent job offer in Washington...Of course this means we will miss them all like crazy!  So expect there to be lots of tears in a few weeks.  But she also filled my Truck up with Craft supplies!  And she has Excellent Taste!!
I couldn't believe all the Goodies! I think that's every Scissor ever made!

So here's what was in the Box!!! 
I'm going to use my friend Denise Clason's Ribbon and Lace Storage- Check our her Picture!
She has some Excellent Organizing and Storage Ideas- I'll be spending some time Browsing this afternoon! 
I also discovered all these Awesome Stamp pads!!!

And the"Coup de Gras"...ok- I really don't know how to spell that...A whole stinkin' Storage Box full of Gorgeous Stamps!!!  Can you stand it!  If you're anywhere in the Phoenix area- come on over!!! Stamp Party!
And Finally- this Cool Carrier!  Soon to be my 'Travelling Art Case' for Daily Paper Prompt!
So it was a very exciting day!!!  It did take a while to 'Incorporate' the new goodies into my Studio...but what fun!  I'm looking forward to having my Mom and friends over for an Art Journaling Adventure and NOW I can Supply Everything!  Yay!
Have you ever Found Treasure in someone elses "All done with's"?
I'd love to hear about it!  Better yet- send some Pics!
Love to all!