Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day 3 Studio Re-Organization

Day 3 Studio Re-Organization- Closets

Hi Everyone!  If you've been checking in here, you will know that I am right smack in the middle of Re-Organizing my little Studio so that it will run more efficiently so that I can make the absolute most of my Pockets of Creative time.

If you missed the first two days- you can jump over and peek at them Just Click here: 

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So Friday was Errands, House Cleaning, Home School Planning, Grocery Shopping etc know- all those things that get in the way of your Painting:)  Ha!  I kid- I love ALL my jobs, Wife and Mom being my Favoritest....but sometimes Laundry loses out on the "Motivation scale"
But Saturday I had a Blissful Day of Blogging, Dog Walking, Art and Organizing:)

Sophie on my lap- workin' hard on the Blog:)

So here is a my "Big Picture" Checklist:
1.  Floors
2. Shelves
3. Papers, Collage Supplies
4. Basic Supplies area
5.  Inventory Storage
6.  Closet
7.  Gelli Plate and Sewing Stations

As it turned out, on Saturday the Closet was calling me:)  Sometimes you have to mix it up a bit and just do what is next.  I find that when I'm tackling a Big Project, a Plan is essential, but a little Flexibility goes a long way toward good Morale.

I know what you're thinking....Closets!!!  Those are the worst!!  I can just barely get the door shut!! 
Well...the secret to a 'Relatively Organized' closet IS....Stack so much stuff in front of the door that you can't get in there to mess it up!!! 
Seriously, for some reason I stacked my Canvases behind the Front door and right in front of the Closet door.   Thus the need for Reorganization!
I had already "Cleaned out" and "Organized" the closet so there was some semblance of a 'System' in place which made it MUCH less scary.

  Because I do Mixed Media, I like to have most of my Supplies close at hand.  So I think I will use the Closet more for Long Term Storage.  I have my big Canvases in there, my Craft Paper, all the big Rolls of stuff and pieces of Cardboard.  I also have a 'Drawer Stack' for things I don't use all the time like Doilies, stickers etc.

  I used my "Stamping Bag" with the wheels on the bottom for holding Rolls of stuff but it's easy to Roll it out and take those out if I need to be mobile.

Storing my Canvases and Wooden "Soon to be Lovelies" in the Closet gets them out of the way and keeps the Traffic Areas free and clear.
I also have my really Big, or 'Long' Stencils hung up in there on Hangers with clothes pins.  Those can also be used to 'Dry' things like Papers and Gelli Plate Prints.
So now I can rest a bit easier knowing that all my Crafting Skeletons are out of the Closet!!
Next Stop...Papers and Collage Supplies.  Be Very Afraid....
Send me your pics of your Scariest Closet or Shelf...we can conquer it Together!
Love to all!