Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Grand Canyon Adventures!

After 5 years of missing my sister and Neice while we worked on Chemo, we all got together again this last week!  What could be a better way to Celebrate than to Stuff all of us in a Vehicle and drive Many Hours to the Beautiful Grand Canyon?!!
He he!  It was totally worth it- a Gorgeous day- clouds rolled in and Cooled things off and we were able to see everything we wanted to!

This is the Gorgeous re-created Tower on the East side of the Park:)

I am Totally in love with this door- so Cool looking!  I am definitely going to be sketching it.  So funny that it is only like 5 feet tall- my 6 foot plus boys were giggling!
They were VERY excited to find out that the Ancient Natives were Avid Pac Man Players...

My 19 year old is posing for this Fabulous Moody Teen Photo...  He is lucky he didn't have headphones on because Ain't No Way I'm climbin' down to tap him on the shoulder! Both boys were  just Awesome all day long- 10 hours of Family Fun can be hard on a teen!  Both He and my 16 year old helped keep track of everyone and pushed Grama's Wheelchair up the hills at 7,500 feet!
My Dad and 2 of our boys WAY to close to the edge....I used my Zoom here...
Here is my Beautiful Sis and Neice:)
And finally a Dip in the pool to End a Great Day!
Tomorrow School starts for all my Boys- so we will have a Fun Day of College Registration Madness at two separate Colleges...:)  Wish us luck! 
I am hoping things will be rolling smoothly and I can be back to the Studio soon:)
Love to All!