Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 1 Studio Re-Organization

Studio Re-Organization Day One

Hi Everyone!  Yesterday was Day One of my efforts to Streamline and Organize my Studio so that I could be more efficient when I'm in there...Read: Not tripping over canvases when I walk in and spending a Half Hour trying to find the Last Pair of Scissors in the whole house!
Don't you hate it when you only have a half hour to Paint or work on a project and Half of it is spent shoveling through the door and trying to find 8 inches of Flat Space to work on? Or is that just me?:)
I had already gone through and 'Cleaned' and 'Culled Out' things, but this time I am working on Moving things around so that I have everything within reach and in a 'More Logical Order' so hopefully I can spend more time getting things done:)

So, I'm trying to make  "Measurable and Attainable Goals".  This tends to be Very Difficult for me as I do tend to be that All or Nothing personality. 
As the 'Over-Reaching Goal" is actually to get in there and Make Art everyday,  I am working on getting a few things on my 'Reorganizing Checklist' checked off each day and then spending some time actually getting to Paint.

Here is a my Checklist:
1.  Floors
2. Shelves
3. Papers, Collage Supplies
4. Basic Supplies area
5.  Inventory Storage
6.  Closet
7.  Gelli Plate and Sewing Stations

 Day One- Floors

My Studio is actually our 4th Bedroom. It does have Carpet so I use two Huge Paint Drop Cloths.  I needed to haul these out, get all the paper scraps out and throw them in the wash. Note my object here was NOT to get the paint out:)  Just to freshen them up and get them as clean as possible.
I had lots of Trouble in the past few months with the Canvases getting stuck on my Chair as I moved it and exposing the Carpet or getting 'Bunched Up'. 


 Solution: Duct Tape!
I laid the first one down and Duct Taped all the edges.  Then I added the next one which overlapped a bit and Duct Taped that down. 
 Hopefully that will make it easier to keep them "Smooth" and will result in More Vacuuming. (Ya right!:))

Then my Supervisor showed up for a "Surprise Inspection"...I Barely Passed! (Ok, I bribed her..)
As I was enjoying the 'High' of Gettin' er done, I decided to tackle my 'Least Horrible' shelf...This has my Substrate Supplies, Reference books and Completed Journals and Wish books.
Here she is all Finished and Lovely:)
Still not sure if I'm going to keep this shelf or not I might decide to use the Space for something else.
We'll see-  the only way to figure that out is to actually Use the Space to Paint- instead of just moving things around eh?
Ok- tomorrow...the Big Scary Shelf....
Where do you Create?  I would love to see some pics- Messy or otherwise:)
I would love to hear any ideas for things that have made your Creative Space more 'User Friendly':)
Now- I'm off to more 'Research' on Pinterest!
Love to all!