Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Grunge Cake

Mom Duties and Grunge Cake
Quick Post today as "Mom Duties" have kept me busy these last few days.  With my youngest starting His Senior Year in High School and also some College classes- and my 18 yr old starting his Senior Year in College, there has been lots of Crazy, Phone Calls, Paperwork and what not:) 
We Homeschool- so getting all the books in, schedules set, Computers and printers updated and online and schedules set has been a full time job.  We also live a half hour from town so everytime someone needs Zip Drives, Cables, Cords....Geek Supplies or New shoes I'm running back and forth trying to get it all done quickly.
We had to order all their Books and curriculum and let me tell you- we live in Po-dunk USA here.  Seriously, our Post Office still Hand Writes everything!  I paid my PO Box online- and when I got there she said "Do you know how I could check that?  We just write it here on this yellow slip..."
 If I ship it here to 'El Ranchito Freibotto'- it will take 8 days or whenever the UPS guy feels like driving out here.  If I ship it to my Mom in town- it's there in 3...ya.  But then I end up driving back and forth to town all the time.
But did I mention it's Gorgeous here?!  I need to keep focused on that!  We were able to get 2 out of 3 of Nick's books in which is enough for him to get started AND- to everyone's delight our Rosetta Stone Japanese came in!  Koni chi wa! 
(Ya- I have no idea how to spell that!)
My other 19 yr old son started an awesome Job, but had Car trouble which involved a Midnight trip in a Moonsoon to pick him up and secure "Work Shoes" from Walmart before his morning shift:)
Such is the Life of a Mom!  I know you are all doing the same with School Starting!
A did manage to get in and do some "Stress Management Painting"...I am working on 'Grunging up' my 'Layer Cake' Canvas Board.  Here it is when I started.  I wanted pics just in case I didn't like where it went- then I could go "Back in time":)

I found  a Quote a love and wanted to get that onto something...but I felt the need to go Grungy..
To the Spray Paint!  I made some Gelli Plate prints on Deli Paper- I guess you could call them "Gelli Deli's"....Ba Da Bum!  Ok people...these are the jokes...

I wasn't sure which stencil I was going to use- but after gauging the 'Coolness Factors' I decided to go with a Dragon Stencil as wings...this was one of my Garages Sale finds- an entire Trash Bag full of stencils....For a Buck Baby!  Woohoo!
Here they I said, I went with the 2nd one...

Dragon Stencil...

Here it is in it's "Preliminary Stages"- I grunged up the outside with Oil Pastels...the
 Heart is made of Spackle Material and Acrylic.  I also used my new Box-O-Stampy-Goodness from my Sis-in-Law around the edges.
The Words read "She Took the Leap and Built Her Wings on the Way Down"
These words were just what I needed and spoke to right where I am right now:) 
So, as I must Secure Provisions to feed our Troops- I will be at Costco, Walmart, Safeway, know the routine:)  Hopefully I will get back in time to Finish this one up!
I am also moving Forward with my Right Brain Planner Assignments so I will have an Update on those very soon!
Love to all!