Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 2 of Studio Re-Organization

Day Two of Studio Organization- The 'Scary Shelves' 

Ya- It's terrifying!!  Theses are all my Collaging "Supplies".  I love to use all kinds of things to cover my Canvases or Art Journal pages.  Old Books, Music, Business charts, Children's books, all of these are Fodder for my Collaging.  Although they usually get covered up, they add texture, interest and another 'layer' of Fabulousness:)
So here is my Process for tackling "Scary Projects"- Always Break it down into Smaller "Bite size" pieces!

Not only do I do this for the entire project- (See my Project Goal List) but I do it for each step.
1.  Take everything off the shelf.

Here's everything that came off those shelves...Yikes!  Don't lose heart though!  Things usually have to get More Messy in order to become Less Messy:)
2) After looking through things I tried to find several "Catagories" that I could put things in and then stacked them accordingly. 
I chose:

*  Old Books
*  Music
*  Children's Books
*  Business forms
*  Scraps and Bits-  In the Orange bin for easy access

3)  Then Back they go on the Shelf

I stacked them in piles because I am hoping it will let me pull things out more easily.  And MAYBE even....put them Back!!!  What a concept!


Here is where I bring in my 'Secret Weapon' Label Maker!! Here she is on her Favorite Pillow...

I Absolutely LOVE to Label things!!  Art Supplies, Spices, Kitchen Appliances, Livestock...

Ok, Sometimes I get a little Carried Away...

My 'Red Basket Shelves' were in Pretty Good Shape... Just needed new Labels...

These are all my Colored Pencils..and then the One on the right is more Colored Pencils...OH! and the blue's Colored Pencils...
Ok, so Next two shelves...just Wash, Rinse and Repeat!
Cleared 'em Off and enjoyed a moment of 'Clean Shelf Euphoria'...

Till I looked at the Pile on the Floor!

  Again I split the stuff into Catagories.This time it was:
1) Textures
2) Rub Ons 
3)Tissue Papers
  Each Got it's own Basket and Label and Voila!

Last but not Least...the Dreaded "Stamp Shelf"...Here it is in all it's 'De-shelved Glory'. 

This one was trickier to Figure out Catagories for.  After some "Research" (Basically Pinterest and Nutellla),
I opted for the Following: 
1)  Flowers and Hearts
2)  Texture
3) Alphabet/ Words
4) Complete Sets
5) Foam Stamps

I just used Dollar Store See through Containers.  We'll see if I manage to keep them tidy:)

So,  here is the Final Product...Ta Da!

Now those of you out there who are currently being Terrorized by Out of Control Shelving, take heart!  No one should EVER be forced to Organize more than ONE Shelf per day!  Remember Baby Steps! 
Remember our Objective is to actually get in there and Create!  So set a timer and work for 15 Minutes, then move on and make something Beautiful:)
I would LOVE to see your 'Scary Shelves'!  Even better- share your 'Before and Afters'!  Can't wait to see them:)
Love to all!