Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 5- Do you know where your Scissors are?

Day 5 Studio Re-Organization

Basic Supplies

Today's Goal- Just the Basics!  In my recently read "Starting an Etsy Business for Dummies" by Strine and Shoup, I picked up a Great Tip:  Set up a "Basics" Station with everything you tend to use for almost Every project...
I am not sure why the Obvious always escapes me...in fact if it had been Complex and Complicated I would have probably already thought of it:)
  Anyway, they suggested a Trip to the Dollar Store...Field Trip!
So here's what I scored for my Basics Station:  You'll notice there are 5 Pairs of Scissors.  I know what you're thinking..."That's no where NEAR enough..."  I know- there are 5 more pair on my Kitchen Counter, baited with Peanut Butter Granola Bars in hope that my Teens will not sneak into my Studio and steal mine...

Here are some More things that I thought I would add...they are the things I tend to reach for Over and Over, on almost every project.
I put them in this cute little "Bucket 'o' Time Savin' Goodness"...
Sophie let me know what her Fave Basic Supply was...I think she is Spot On!


So here's my List:

Scissors-  Lots and Lots of them...They'll disappear in a week...   Tape- Several rolls for the kitchen, several for your Studio
Rulers- Mine disappear as "weapons" so I get Bright Pink..
Foamie Thingees-  If I could by them in a "gross" I would!
Baby Wipes- The Dollar Store diva's best friend
Mod Podge- by the Gallon if you have it
Your 'Distressing' Ink pads that you use the most
Your Best Black Ink Pad
White Paint
Sepia Ink if you use it all the time..
White Out- Great white dots when you are in a tight spot
Pitt Pens- Admit it- you always lose them like me!
Paper Towels- Lots and Lots...

Make Up Sponges- for Stenciling
Blow Dryer or Heat Gun- This is Sophie's Department...

My P-Touch Label Maker:)

Your Favorite Stamps- Your Texture or Alphabet ones perhaps..

So, what else would you add to this Basic Supply List?  Let me know and I'll Post a 'List Addendum':)
I have to tell you that just knowing where a Pair of Scissors are will probably cut an Hour off my Day...seriously!
I am locking myself in my Studio today to get some work done- so I'll let you know how my New Station worked:)
Do you know where Your Scissors are???
Love to all!:)