Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Crazy, Colorful Right Brain Business Plan

Crazy, Colorful and Just a Bit Wild!
Out my window right now!!
Today I am finally Back in the Studio after a week of Wonderful Craziness...ok, most of it Wonderful:)  Ok- lots of it was pretty darn Stressful!  But sometimes even Good things can be Stressful!  Needless to say- the Boys are all Registered, Books are all ordered, New Jobs are about to be started and we are Rolling into this next Semester:)
"So what is Next?"  You might be asking...
Well, first of all, actually 'Going in and doing something' in the Newly Organized Studio is my First Goal!  Sometimes I can get so wrapped up in Organizing that I forget that the whole point is to actually create! 
Am I the only one who has trouble getting back in there and painting after it's been a while?  I'm not sure if it's nerves, or 'unrealistic expectations' or even lack of inspiration...I just have trouble getting 'back on track'.
Here's another Visitor!
Usually when I am stuck here, I make myself a little list of "To Do's" that involve more 'prep' work like Gesso-ing a canvas, sealing something with Mod Podge etc and that gets me in there.  Once I'm in there the inspiration usually hits:)
So you had a little Sneak Peek at my next "Project"- I've been reading "Right Brain Planner" by Jennifer Lee.  I eavesdropped on Twitter and found out that lots of my Artsy Friends are using it.
Product Details
I've made a lot of Business Plans in my life- they were helpful....but boring:)  As I'm moving into a new World of 'Creative Based Business' I was thrilled to discover that I could make My Business Plan anything I wanted!  After all- I am the CEO, COO and President of Marketing:)  Ok- I'm also the one who cleans the Bathrooms...but HEY!  It's all Mine!
So I think it was a bit of 'Divine Timing' as I had been saving my Absolute Favorite Magazine cut outs in  a Folder and have never found a Subject Quite Wonderful enough to get me to part with them:)  But my first Assignment of making a Vision Board for my New Company was just the Push I needed to use those Treasures:)  They were exactly the Colors and Words that I love most:)
I made this one Big because I want to mount it on the Wall of My Studio so I can have it there when I need a little "Focus"...  I realize there's a lot going on here! I wanted to include all the things I felt drawn to that spoke to what I wanted my "Ideal Business" to be.  The Words "Do It Yourself" came up a lot.  I think it's because I really want to have something that is just my own.  Something that I get to make all the Creative and Business decisions for and where I can move at my Own speed and not wait for others to catch up or Wait for me to catch up:) 
Our Next assignment was to go through the different Aspects of your Future Business and make a Collage that represented what you saw your Ideal Business to be.
I did these on some Strong Mixed Media Paper.  They aren't finished yet as I am going to add notes and comments on the Back and then have them Laminated so I can Refer to them often:)
This is my Vision of the Marketing/Tech side of my Business.  Unlike my work in the past, I will be almost Exclusively on line and I want to be very involved in all the Wonderful Social Media there is. 
My Biggest Goal here is that I want to be Self-Sufficient in dealing with most of the tech aspects.  This involves a HUGE learning curve and an Absolutely New Thing for me. 
 I realize of course that I will need to bring in people who are Fantastic at different aspects to help- but in the past I've been so dependent on help for all things tech that it's been crippling.  The little Rainbow Zip Drives represent my Goal of being able to actually Organize and Store all my Pictures, data etc on my OWN!  My Family still thinks this is an impossibility:)  I know I just need to keep taking those Baby Steps!
Coffee of course plays a large part in all of my plans and is there for Represented accordingly:)
Here is my  'Future Goals' plan.  This has a lot of things that I am hoping to do in the Future- like a Newsletter, Travel, Teaching etc...

Here is my Board on "Logistics" which would include the Values and Culture I want to focus on. Shipping and Delivery are a totally New Animal to me and I want to learn to do it in the Best way possible.  How do I get there?  I'm taking notes on how my Favorite People who are already excelling are doing it:)  You will be hearing about who my 'examples' and 'mentors' are! 

This is my "Procedural" plan.  As I develop it, it will include how I plan to Organize things like Supplies, keeping the Studio clean, keep track of Expenses etc..
This is my "Development of Products and Services" Board:)  New things I would like to work on and bring to my New Venture:)

 So there you have it- the 'Basic Bones' of my Business Plans....and it's PRETTY:)  There was no pain, no Boredom, no Gnashing of Teeth...none of things that are a 'Normal Part' of developing a new Business Plan.  So what have I learned???  You Don't Need to Do Normal!!!!!
Yes you need a plan...but the whole point of moving toward a Creative Business is that it is just that:  Creative!  Unconventional!  Colorful!  A little Wild and of course More Fabulous than you could have Imagined!
I'm only a few Chapters into the books so far....would you like to Join me?  I got mine on Kindle and it has been a great read- not Scary at all:)!
Let me know your thoughts!  Have you been "Running and Screaming" at the very thought of having to make a Business Plan? 
Can't wait to hear from you and Love to all!