Saturday, August 24, 2013

Blog Hop: 5 Projects I Must Try!

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5 Projects I Must Do!
I am a Day Late, but I had to Jump in for the Awesome Blog Hop- Here are my pics for "Must Try" projects.  As always- these are selected on a "If Molly Can Do it Anyone Can" basis of User-Friendliness:)  Enjoy!  I'm off to try all these Technniques!

#1  "Urban Layer Cake" by Tammy Garcia of Daisy Yellow.  Tammy generously offered us  this former 21 Secrets Class for Free!  I watched it this Morning and am going to go try out the Techniques today!  Great Class! 

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#2 Spotlighting Techniques with Stamps from Stamping with Lorita.  I always wondered how she did this!  Also, checkout  her wonderful Story about her Twins- I was in Happy Tears when I read it!

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#3 Christy Tomilson's "Love is in the Air" Tutorial- You know I love anything by Christy, she is one of my Faves.  Just watching her is fun and I love that she encourages us to take risks and make mistakes!

#4 Roben Marie Smith's Journal Assignment from her Blog "Every Life has a Story" This is a great list of Questions that really helps you define what you Love, when you are Happiest and what you are truly looking for in your Creative Endevours.

#5 Daily Paper Prompts from Daisy Yellow- I have to list this one because it has been the Driving Factor for me this week as I try to get back to Creating in my newly Organized Studio.  Let me tell you I've made some Pretty Ugly Stuff!  But that's OK- I am moving on and continuing to grow thanks to a great group of Artists I found here.