Monday, August 5, 2013

Daily Paper Prompts is Here!

Daily Paper Prompts Has Begun!
I have to admit that I was pretty Teary about the end of Index Card a Day this last week;(  I wasn't sure how I was going to handle missing all my new friends and my 'Daily Dose of Dazzling' Artwork over Coffee in the morning.
Well, all thanks to Tammy Garcia, things are just Peachy!!  
She is just Blessing our Socks off with a new 61 Day Program 'Daily Paper Prompts'
 If you haven't visitied Daisy yellow's Website...what have you been doing girl?!  Go there now! :)  She is the Queen of Art Prompts and we are fortunate to be able to get a peek at one per day! 
Here's my 8x8' Watercolor and Pitt Pen piece for the Prompt "Rainbow":

I know that I saw this technique on ICAD but I can't remember who did it...If you are reading this and you are the "Original Creative Genius"...Please give me a Shout out!
This Program is a little bit different as it doesn't necessarily have to be a 'Daily' Prompt- we can take our time on these.  She also encourages us to try out a 'larger' medium...Sketchbook, Art Journal, Canvas etc..
I loved the 'Rainbow' Idea so much that I did another one:)  I think this is one of my 'Most Favoritest' Technniques- I call it 'Scrap Collaging'.  I'm not sure if there is a fancier name or not!  If you know one please leave me a Shout out!

I am in the Process of Re-Organizing my Studio- which included actually "Vacuuming" the room...what a Concept!  So, as I was unwilling that any Juicy little Scraps be sacrificed to the 'Bissel gods' I grabbed all the pieces I could and Mod Podged them down for this little Creation, all of which were directly under my little Table:)
I would like to actually "Scan" this one so I can use it, and pieces of it, later on.  You know of course that I could no sooner 'scan' something than Fly...So, as soon as I find the "Using a Scanner for Dummies" book I'll let you know:)
Next Prompt was Windows...which I am now Obsessed with...When I think of Windows, they absolutely must be in Paris of I Googled "Paris Windows" and found an awesome pic and happily obsessed over tiny bricks for the next hour:) This is actually a tiny little Sketch- It's on a 3x5 Index Card Book.  I just wasn't quite ready to bite off a bigger sketch until I had a few 'Under my Belt':)
So this one is a 'Combo' one:)  The 3rd Prompt was "Drips"- as I am still Obsessed with Paris Windows I made this a Double.  This one has Collaged Stamped Tissue Paper with Acrylic and Sepia Ink over it- the Drips are Sepia India Ink.  This is my First use of Drips!!  Loved it!
That's why I love Tammy's Programs and Classes so much- she always challenges us to try new things.  And somehow it isn't scary! There is so much support and Love on the Facebook Page that pretty soon you're feeling like you could just about try anything:)
I hope you'll join us!  Go check out the Info Page here.  If you have any questions just leave me a Comment and I'll get right back to you!
Love to all:)