Friday, August 2, 2013

"21 Secrets" Art Projects

Just a Quick Post of my "Homework" for 21 Secrets:)  I have been truly amazed at this Course.  Seriously guys, where can you go and get 21 Art Classes, with excellent Instructors both Well Known and "Up and Coming" for such a great price? I still can't believe it!

My Project for Cathy Blutheau's Class on Doodling:)
I have been a bit Distracted by Life lately so I am trying to buckle down this week and Finish up the Classes I'm working on.

This first series is for the Lovely Danielle Daniel's class 'Unearthing'.  I loved this Class!  I watched her Video's at least four times each.  It is so cool for me to see how everyone does things in their own way- has their own style and uses their own Favorite Colors.  It really made me Stretch out of my Comfort zone. 
It's scary to try to draw faces anyway- but to paint them in Acrylic was so New to me:)
So, this was my first one.  I liked the background and the Tree, but I didn't really like how the Girl turned out.  At least it was recognizable as a Human Female though....that was encouraging!

Oh - and that's a Bird she's holding....I know it's hard to tell!  She also ended up looking like she's wearing Sunblock with those White Highlights!
 I liked this one a little better.  She was kind of based Very loosely off an old Picture I have when I was little.  Not sure what's up with all the Blue Trees! 

This next one was done after I had just received a Letter from our Sponsor Child through World Vision.  There was an adorable little girl in one of the pictures.  This one was on a Canvas Board and again was Acrylics. 

Here she is a little closer. 
I would have never even tried an actual Face if it weren't for Dannielle:)  I can't recommend this class enough!
This next one is for "Baby Got Back to Back" by Roben Marie Smith.  I have to be honest, this was the class that was the 'scariest' for me because we are actually making a Journal from Scratch and even Binding it!
As you know, I am crazy Dyslexic so trying to figure out how to turn things this way and that is difficult. I also sometimes have trouble with 'Follow through', Ok often!:)  But I REALLY want to be able to have one of these for my very own.  So I am Pushing On!
Her instructions and videos are 'Spot on'- I should know, I've watched them like a 100 times!
I've gotten so far as the Cover Art:
Here are some Close Ups:)

She wants us to SCAN them in!! Scan them!  My Printer and I are Sworn Enemies....He frightens me!   She did give Great step-by-Step instructions though, so I have No Excuses....well I have LOTS of Excuses...but none of them are Valid:)
I also have been dragging my feet about pulling out my Sewing Machine.  It's just a bit overwhelming and I think I need to have my Mom work some Magic on it:)
 I did buy all the Supplies for the rest of it- which were Easy to Find and very Reasonable... So I'll keep you posted on the rest of it!
Are you Currently taking a Class, Online or otherwise?  Which one?  How do you like it?  I would love to hear from you!
Love to All!