Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 4 Studio Studio Re-Organization

Day 4 Studio Re-Organization
Collage stuff and Paper Storage...Be Afraid!
Oh the Horror!!!!
Okay- now we reach what is Possibly the Most Terrifying aspect of my Studio Organization Nightmares....Collage Stuff and Paper Storage!!!
If you missed Day 2- "The Shelf Episode" can click here for the Messy Horror.  Warning... it contains Graphically Detailed Unorganization...
I think that my Shelf of 'Collage Base' on Day 2 was by far the worst part, so having that done, I only had to tackle my "Fun Collage Stuff"...Here it is in it's "Before-ness"...

It has some 'semblance' of a system...but to tell you the truth- it's just 6 boxes of 'Miscellaneous Stuff'- I have no idea what is in any of them at any given time! This means of course a half hour of going through each and every box every time I want to "Pretty Something Up"!
So I took my Big Breath...a Sip of Diet Pepsi... and got to work.
Step One is always Taking everything out and seeing what I have...
I spared you the Gory Details of having all of it spread out on the floor:)
Step Two:  Choose some Catagories for your stash. 
Here's what I chose:
1)   Paper Stuffs
2)  Found Objects and Rusty Things
3)  Fabric/Notions
4)  Buttons and Beads
5)  Index Cards/ Post it;s
6) Zippers
7)  Ribbons

Step 3: know it's my P-Touch Label Maker!
If in doubt...Slap a Label on it!
Step 4:  Put it all back and Admire the "Organizational-ness"!
So, Here is my New "Collage Station"!
Now at least I will know which box to grab First, cutting my "Scavenge and Search" Time down to 1/6th of what it used to be!!! Awesome!
So you may be asking yourself...what about the Paper???  Well, I tell you.  I still can't figure out a system for that!  I am stumped!  Whatever I try- it just ends up looking like this in 2 days.
I do like having those Flat Color boxes that I can put a project in and go sit out with the Family.  But it only works if you Put it all away when you are done with the Project!
And when I need to start a project I literally pull out all of my paper so I have to constantly 'File' it back when I'm done...Ya right!
I do have a different Color in each drawer which helps somewhat and then that Basket to the right has all my 12 x 12 Pads of Paper and ends up being a 'Catch all' for whatever Paper gets left out.
SO!  That's where ya'all come in!  What do you do with your Papers?  Do you have a System that you like?  Have you seen a 'Fanatasy System' on Pinterest that you could share?
I'd love to hear about it!  I'm pretty Desperate!!!
I'll be watching for Comments- or you can always e-mail me at
Love to all!