Saturday, August 24, 2013

Zero Calorie Layer Cake!

Urban Layer Cake
Hi Everyone!  I spent a Happy Saturday playing in my Studio with my Credit Cards and Tammy Garcia's Tutororial "Urban Layer Cake"!  So much Cakey-Goodness and Zero Calories!
Even thought it was one of her 21 Secrets Courses, she has made it available to all of her fans on her Website for Free:)  The Video was so much fun that I broke out the Credit Cards and went for it!  (Spoiler Alert...the Credit Cards are for the Paint)
All the Techniques I used were Tammy's from this Tutorial- But you have to wait til the end of the Post to go to it! He he!  Not really- the link is right on this button!
So I have to make a Few Disclaimers....First of all I am guilty of "Paint Envy".  I know, I know "Thou shalt not Covet thy Neighbors Golden Fluid Acrylics"...but there they were on her Table all Bright and many!  Some day! 
So I just used what I had- most of them just the $1.39 kind- and it worked out great!   I have started my Collection of Goldens- I have Cobalt Blue so far and I just ordered "Golden Green" so stay tuned!
I have to tell you, I was able to sneak away yesterday and Paint a bit and even though everything was Organized and Right there....I made some Pretty Ugly Stuff!!
  Don't worry, I'm sure I will post it here soon- in fact I could pretty much run an "Ugly Stuff I just Made" once a week:)  But even though I understand that Ugly Stuff is just a part of the process- I just wanted to Make Something Pretty!!:) 
 I was feeling pretty Down and Frustrated last night- so Waking up to this Tutorial was a Big Blessing and just the Kick in the Pants I needed:)  And LOOK!  It's PRETTY!  Yay!
Look at all that Delicious Layered-Cake Goodness!!!
This is actually from her Second Video- I needed to wait for my other Prep Work to dry.  So this one I made with Acrylic Paint and a 'Bottle-with-the-word-"Gel" in it':)  Tammy used a Matte Gel Medium and some Gorgeous Liquid Golden Paints.  I'm not exactly sure what my 'Gel' was as I got it for 10 cents at the Thrift Store, but it worked Great!  And I think mine turned out Lovely!   I know I probably got lucky- so you may want to go ahead and go for the Real Gel:)

I used a Credit Card to mix and to apply it and overlapped the colors a bit.  I just love how it looks!  I love the Texture and the way the Colors mixed.  AND you get to get Messy!

Okay- So Disclaimer #2-  She used "Fiber" Medium which went on like Butter and looked Awesome!  My nearest Source is about a 25 minute I used a 'Red Neck Substiute'....Good Ole Spackle!
Ya- it's my $4.25 alternative for 'Texture in a Pinch'!  Here it is- I spread it on with a Credit Card and let it dry for about a half hour.  Then I kind of 'Sanded' it off a bit. 

I did put a Coat of Mod Podge over it just to keep it from flaking, but I've used it without and it has held up very well. 
I used the same Credit Card technique but just went around  the Square.  OH!  And I didn't put any Spackle in the Middle Square so I could write on later:) Here it is in all Blues and Greens:

 Yummy Texture and Card Marks....Love it!

And Here's one with a little Bit of Pink! I tried to using White this time- not too sure yet on that one!

Here's a bit of a Close Up...

Just a Few Things that I might do next time... I used the Back Side of Photo Paper for this one and it Curled a little bit at first so I think if I use Paper again I might tape down the Edges.
I used Cardboard or Canvas Board for the other ones and that worked much better.
I know you've been waiting for it- so Go Ahead!  Shoo!  Lose yourself in the Cakey Deliciousness!
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