Friday, August 16, 2013

Finally Finished! Studio Re-Organization!

Finally Finished with 'Studio Re-Organization 2013!'
Woo hoo! It's Hilarious to make a big deal out of such a Tiny Space- but it's My tiny space:)
So Day 6 unfortunately came a little later than I had hoped.   Sometimes my Wonderful 'Other Life' (Read-Reality) gets in the way:) 
I was able to hit my last Big Goal  - Create a Gelli Plate and 'Sewing' station so that I had these two available and was more likely to get in there and use them.
 My Gelli is right under that Easel on the left and my Sewing Machine is in a Clear Storage Box under the table.
 It's Super easy to get out and all ready to go.  I also made sure to have an extension cord ready underneath for the Machine.
 I also organized my "Inspiration Wall" above the Table.

I didn't leave the Sewing Machine out at this time just for the sake of space.  I'm hoping to use it more often in the next few months- If so I will try to find it a permanent Home:)
Here's my "Hopefully-more-Efficient"  Collage and Paint Corner:)
To the Right is My "Window Work Station" where I do most of my "Prep Stuff".  There's my New "Basics Station" too!
To the right is my "Wall of Goodies" and "Large Canvas Area":)
These are the 'Goodies!'...

And finally the Last Shelf

A few days ago I had an hour to get in there and work and WOW- what an amazing experience to not have to Hunt for my Scissors or wonder where the Baby Wipes were:) 
 I think the best part was not having to Shovel off a place to Work:)  Right now- it is actually a 'Working Studio'  The stuff that is out is actually being Used!  Yay!
I also feel like I have a 'System' for moving my projects along.  They go from one table to the next as they progress.  I think that will keep me from getting 'gummed' up when I work on multiple projects.
The Last thing I did as my "Re-Org" was to take down any Wall Clutter and clear the way for what will be my "Business Planning and Tracking Area".  I have been collecting some Office Necessities like Cute White Boards and Bulletin Boards from my Thrift Shop Ventures.
So my Next Step?  Right Brain Business Planning And 'Command Center'..
I started reading "Right Brain Business Planning" a week ago and am loving it.  It combines some of my Absolute Favorite things...Lists and Art!! 

Here is a "Sneak Peek" at my first 'Assignment'...a Vision Board:

I would love to hear if you have a 'System' or equally valuable a 'System of No particular system' which allows you to flow as you need to.

Love to All!