Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ugly Shelf Rescue

Ugly Shelf Rescued in the Nick of Time!

Sophie is very concerned about the plight of Ugly Knick Knacks.
As you know I have several "Nearly Hopeless, Terminally Ugly" Items that I have Rescued from Local Thrift and Antique Shops.  This Poor little guy had been living his Entire 'Shelf Life' with Tacky, Glued-on Red Peppers and Wonky Ladders to Nowhere.  Need I even mention that "Friends don't let Friends have Tacky Pueblo Shelves painted Salmon"?

Anyway, I was looking for someplace to hang our 47 million Keys...and $2.99 later...he was part of our Family...
So after several Sessions of Love and he is "Made Over and Fabulous!"
I definitely give it 'Two Snaps Up!'  As it is going on MY wall, I had to keep it Funky...and you know I am Addicted to Little Houses!
Here are a Few Close Ups:)

AND- the Before and After...

Another Knic Knack saved from a Life of 'Salmon Infamy'!
Do you have a heart that breaks at the sight of Tacky Home Goods?  Do Ugly Wooden things call to you?  Do you long to Give new life to 'Sappy Angels with Moss Hair from the 80's'?  Join me my friends...together we can Rescue, Repurpose and Upscale!
Love to all!