Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Art Journal Tutorial

Time to Play in my Journal:)
So I've been seeing 'White Trees' in my mind lately.  Sometimes when I'm working in my Journal I will have a definite idea or Plan on what I'm trying to make.  But Most of the time it really just kind of 'Evolves' as I go along.  This time it was a little bit of both:)

I have been Absolutely Loving working on my Gelli Plate!  On Sunday, the lady in front of me at Church had on this cool blouse...I hope the Lord will forgive me for taking notes on the Blouse in between my Sermon Notes:) 
Anyway, it was Golden Yellow, Rusty Orange and Sage Green.  Over the Top of it was a transparent 'white' leaf pattern.   So that night I dreamed about White Misty Trees, and I knew I wanted to make the Background on the Gelli.

And as I have been trying to work on Faces in Acrylic, I thought I would make a girl under my 'Ghost tree'. 
So here is a Peak at how I got to this point:)  If you are new to Gelli like I am, I just want to know exactly how everyone does the things they do! If you scroll down quickly it will look like a Movie!
Here's the First layer:)  Is that little 'Hand Stir Stick' Adorable or what??? Got it at Home Goods- pack of 4 for a buck...LOVE!  So fun to 'scratch' with:)
Here's the Pull...
Then I used Old Envelopes and Strips of paper for a 'Mask'- which I totally learned from Linda Germain...

Rolled the Golden Yellow over the Mask..

Then added some Texture...Punchinella this time.

I pulled off the masks...

Here's what it looked like at that point:)

Next, grabbed an old stencil and rolled paint over.

Here it is over just one half of the Paper.

Circles Next!

I scratched around in them a bit- here's what I ended up with:)

Smaller Circles...

Adding Layers:)

Now for the Sage Green- Used a Flower Stencil.

Now it's getting more Interesting!

I wanted to add some Cream Highlights so I grabbed a Stencil and a Spongee thingee.
Now it's time to add the Design... I drew the Tree in with my Scarlet Lime Roller Ball Pen then filled it in with White Acrylic that I added a little Gel Medium to.  Then I cut out my Collage pieces.  Her skin is a Book Page that I painted over with Flesh Colored Acrylic with a little Float Medium mixed in so you could see through it.

Here she has a Face:)

I painted in some Hair...The smaller Card there is for my ICAD- I used it to practice her face and Hair.

And Here she is All Done!

I was Happy with how she turned out:) 
Her Eyes are actually Green- but this is the best my Cell Phone will do:)

So here are the rest of the Gelli's that I worked on at the same time...I just kept adding layers to all of them as I worked on this one.

Here's a little Close up:)
I'm adding some Tissue Paper and Stamping to one...we'll see how it goes:)

And Last but not Least- here's my little 'Practice Index Card'. 
I can't believe that Index Card a Day is coming to an end:(   But Tammy Garcia is going to post her Daily Art Prompts which have all kinds of different  ideas for Mixed Media.  That way we can all still stay in touch and post our Daily Stuff. 
If you are interested in Jumping in, check it out here at Daisy Yellow.  I would love to see you there!
So what is in your Art Journal right now?
Send me a pic!  I'd love to see it!
Love to all!