Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer of Color Round up

Relaxing Summer of Color
Hi Everyone!  I had such a wonderful Relaxing and Recharging Weekend with my Honey:)!
 All of your boys are off on various Summer Adventures so we have a very quiet Nest.  It's nice for a bit...but pretty soon I'll be missing the morning Wrestling Matches and my Oldest son shaving to "Epic Music"...Freibotts are never quiet for long!
So you've already seen these two ICAD's with the Fabulous Purple and Lime Green Color Scheme...

 My Virtual Pet Cat

My Little Sis! 
So the next one is a bit of a 'Mixed Bag'....not sure I like it:)  It started out Quite Dubiously with a sketch that ended up being the "Ugliest Index Card a Day "to date:)
The Prompt  for ICAD is "Neutrals and Tea and Coffee".  I saw some AMAZING sketches done with things like Coffee left overs and Tea bags...and well, they made it look easy!
Ya, It's NOT!
My 'Tea Bag' coloring looks a lot like...well, you know what it looks like!!
Ha! The folks on this Facebook Page are wonderful.  I posted it- knowing it was a 'stinker' and they were so sweet!  They even admitted to having some 'Stinkies' of their own.  Such a great place, such great people!
Anyways, here's how the page started..

Originally the Cat was going to be Lime green with Purple Eyes...But once I got the first Green layer was a little too "Halloween". 
But instead of 'scrapping it' I remembered all the advice from my Beloved  Instructors I've met during 21 Secrets Art Journaling- "Keep working on it til it works"

So I added a lot of Grey and White and toned it down.  Here's the final Product:)
I am in desperate need of a White Paint Pen that actually works over acrylics.  I had to use Acrylic Paint and I'm not very accurate with it.  If you have any advice,  please leave me a Comment! I'll be eternally grateful...I might even share my Nutella with you!
I am also mourning the Loss of my Scarlet Lime Black Roller Ball Pen.  It died two days ago...(sob)...of Overuse.  I am typing this sitting on my front porch waiting for Fed EX to deliver my Replacement! 
The quote came to me as I realized that I finally have found my Bliss...I can't tell you how being able to focus on Art has changed and healed me.  I can honestly tell you that it is More than worth it to follow your Bliss...and when you find it...POUNCE!
The next Color Scheme is Grey and Light Pink!  Whoa! Totally new one to me.  I  can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!
Don't forget to let me know what White Pen you use!
Love to All!