Monday, July 15, 2013

Wacky Index Card a Day Week

My Wacky Week of Index Cards
I can't tell you how Great this Campaign had been!  Index Card a Day is the Brain Child of Tammy Garcia at Daisy Yellow and it is just brilliant in it's Simplicty:)
And Hey!  I hear they even have Daily Prompts! (Ok...that's a joke! I am just terrible about looking them up and using them!)
After a whole Week of Brain was just about to explode....and DID!
Ok...I know, Psychadelic Colors, Floating Cows...pretty normal for me...but LOOK what happened NEXT!
Ya...I have no idea either.  I think I started with an idea of Flowing Hair and then something just went really Strange!
My Good buddy on the Face Book page mentioned that the girl was Crying because a "Giant Rainbow Octopus" had attacked her head....  Turns out...she was RIGHT!
It's all so much Clearer to me now!
 I don't always use Beer Caps in my Art....but when I do, I use
Dos Equis. 
Stay Crafty my Friends.....
These are the jokes people...:)
This one was Collage and my Pitt pens.  Lots of shiny Mod Podge on this one.  It was a little hard to photo.
About Midweek,  Tammy offered us a "Custom" Three Word Prompt if we were feeling a little on 'empty' with ideas.  I thought this was so cool.....but I missed her response and only caught 2 of the words...."Sepia and Sea..."
You all know what happened last week when I attempted a "somewhat-Sepia Coffee /Tea stain" last week.  No one needs to see that again...
So I literally Stared in my Dunkin' Donuts Coconut Coffee with 3 sweeteners and Almond Milk for like, 15 minutes.  I had nothing!  I think I dozed off for a bit- this is what came out:) I call it "Coffee Dreams"...I think it just barely squeaked under the "Prompt Limbo line":) 
Tammy is the Queen of Prompts.  She is an endless wonder the way she just constantly comes up with new and exciting ideas both with her Art and with her Prompts which inspire So Many people.  She's one of my Art Heroins:)
This last one was part of a part of some kind of ADHD fit that came upon me when I actually had to do "Life" instead of play in my Art studio for a few days.  Something about Groceries, laundry....Cleaning....blah, blah, blah..I don't know, I wasn't paying attention.  This is my brain 'Off' Art...'s pretty Scary...
So I was really kind of All over the place this week.  But you know- it was just fine.  Everyone is so loving and so supportive.  They just give you the courage to experiment and try new things.  Even when you end up drawing Predatory Rainbow Octopus...:)
I don't know what I'm going to do when it's over:(  Probably follow Tammy Garcia around like a Puppy:)
Love to all!