Monday, July 8, 2013

Dollar Store Diva

Rocked the Dollar Store!
Oh ya...I rocked the Dollar Store today!  Who's a Diva?....ya, you know it's Me:)
I have been doing Roben-Marie Smith's "Baby Got Back to Back" class at 21 Secrets Art Journaling Course.  She had this awesome "Sunburst-ey" Stencil that she used some Dylusions Spray Ink on....Loved it!  Checked through my Stencil Stash, but No Sunburst Ones:(
Well, fear not!  While Perusing my Dollar Store, what should Jump Out at me?  Well...actually I don't know WHAT they're called...:)

I think it's a Paper Plate Holder...there are 4 of them....For a BUCK!! (Insert very lame dancing...)
And there are my Sunburst-eys!  I just Plopped it down and used my Dylussions Inks to Spray directly on it:)  I didn't even have to Clean it in Between!

After I did the 3 Bursts, I just Laid a few Index Cards right down on the Top of the "Stencil"...Now I have some Psychodelic Index Cards Baby!!!

For Clean Up- I took my Trusty Paper Towel and just laid it down in there and Mopped up the rest of the Ink. 

And it turned out So cool!  I'll be using all of these pieces Somewhere down the line!
I also Scored some Baby Wipes for a Buck...
 ..... and I needed a Brown Bag for my "Back to Back" project and got Two for a Buck!!
   Doin' the Dollah Dance!!!
Have you found anything Dollaricious Lately?
Make sure you share it with us!
Love to all!