Sunday, July 14, 2013

Three Fantastic Arrivals!

The Planets have aligned and Three Wonderful things have happened!
First..My Cathy Blutheau Print is Here!!!!!  You know I am Obsessed with her Art and Especially Obsessed with her Little Houses!  It's going to be Framed this week, But until then, I am Literally Carrying it around with me! 
Here it is by the Laptop so I can stare at it while I work.....

Here it is on the Exercise I can stare at it while I work out....

Here it is with Sophie...She's a Huge Cathy B fan too...

I'll take a pic as Soon as it's Framed....Yay!!
Second....My Scarlet Lime Black Roller Ball PENS  finally arrived!

 I have literally been Holding my Breath and Pouting for a Week!  We don't get Mail direct to the House so I've Seriously Considered Camping out at the Post Office:)  I have so much Backed Up Doodling to do!
I keep swearing that I will Never let my supply run me...5 days without is enough for me!
And 'Third-ly'....My Mom got a Dick Blick Catalog!!!!
I know right?!  She texted me and I was there in like, 10 minutes.
We sat there Drooling over every single page.  We had Absolutely no idea what MOST of the stuff was Marvelous!
Which brings me to my Final Happy Announcement....
I'm Expecting a Gelli Plate!!!! Yes!  It's true!
The Due date is July's an 8 x 10...we are planning a 'Gelli-Plate Baby Shower"...I'm registered at Hobby Lobby:)  I have been craving Nutella ever since I had my order Confirmed:)
I Can't wait!!!
I will be obsessively Collecting Gelli Plate I'll make sure to post them here!
So, if you haven't given in to your Gelli Plate, or Nutella, Cravings yet- Jump in with me!
I am starting to lay in Supplies and informing Family and friends that I plan on disappearing for at least a Week when it gets here...
Now I am off to Doodle!
Love to all!