Saturday, July 13, 2013

Why Does Art Have to Take so LONG?

Why Does Art have to take so Looong!

Coffee Dreams:)

Ok, Patience is not my Virtue.  If you have read even 3 sentences on this blog, you know I am the 'Poster Child of ADD' and tend to have trouble Concentrating on one thing at a time.  I was kind of in a place the last few days with my Projects where I had to do some Nitty Gritty work and I have to say that sometimes it's very hard for me to Wait it out.

Prepping Canvases and waiting for Gesso to dry, ugh.  When I am in a Good place, and I've been pretty regular with getting in my "Art Time", I don't mind it so long as I have 2 or 3 things going on at once.  But lately I have a lot of ideas...but need to just Slow Down and take the Steps I need to take...without Throwing a Fit!!  (Does this count as a fit?:))

So here is what is going on right now....

Yesterday I Gesso'd (Gessoed? Gesoed?) EVERYTHING I could get my hands on.  If I thought I might use it This's covered in Gesso.  I even did a wooden box and a REALLY ugly shelf I am trying to Rescue...
I know...It's so Sad:(  Friends don't let Friends have tacky "Salmon" pueblo shelving on their walls.  Don't get me wrong....Love me some Santa Fe Style...but this is just too Much..
So of Course...this one got caught up in the "Gesso Storm"....but Desperate Times call for Despersate was time for SERIOUS Paper Therapy..
Ya...No Neutrals Here...:)
So, I have no Idea where it's going to end up...But it's already Worlds Better!
I also found a cool Wooden Candy Box that was Gesso'd along with several of my Journals and a Bunch of Cards for ICAD.
I know, I know...more Houses.  I admit I am Obsessed...maybe if I can get a few of them DONE...the cravings will Subside a bit:)
I was able to get some paint on these- but they really needed to dry over night....sigh!
So I turned my attention to the Journal.  I watched an Awesome U-tube video by Donna Downing for "Inspiration Wednesday" and she used Printed Tissue paper over Gesso...Loved it.  It's about 11 minutes long and would be perfect over your morning coffee:)  I will post her Blog Site as soon as I can find it:)
I LOVED how it turned out!

I stamped a bunch of different "Nature-y" Stamps on Tissue and just layed it down over wet Mod Podge.   Love it!  But it Needed quite a bit of Dry Time.

I was really afraid I was going to do Too Much to it.  Ya...If you're not sure what I mean by "too much"- Take a Gander at my Index Card for the Day...

I call it "Spasdic Summer":) 
If you ever wondered what an ADD/ADHD Brain looks you go- only Imagine it Lighting up and Moving every 6 seconds:)
SO---I tried Very Hard to keep it Mellow.
Yellow and Candy Apple Red are the Summer of Color Inspirations this week so I tried to go there without getting Too Busy.
I had some Grungy Red/Black/White Paper from a few days ago...
But it was pretty Busy.  I wanted to do More Torn Flowers...I just Need to...not sure Why:)
I kept trying different Configurations but it was just Too I tried to keep it Black and white and used some White Burlap..
Here's what I came up with:
The Background isn't as Yellow as it looks here.  I'm just not sure about it.  I had fun with the Zipper stems and leaves, but I just am not sure what it needs:)
I'd love to Hear your Thoughts, Ideas and Suggestions!
Leave me a Comment and let me know what you think:)
So I guess I just have to let it all Dry now!!
I'll keep you Posted!
Love to All!