Thursday, July 4, 2013


Happy 4th of July!

Happy Colors!
  I am praying that you are Spending the day with Loved Ones and Eating your Body weight in Potato Salad!:)
 I send special thanks and prayers to all of you who have Served or have Family that has served and Made this day of Freedom Possible! 
My Honey and I are spending a Quiet Day home while the kids are away.  

Sophie has been extremely Busy about her Doggie Business of being Cute at all times...

And I had quite a bit of help while writing this...

My next Post is going to be All about the "Neutral Zone".  I am sending you this reminder Neutral as any one of my pieces might can Know for sure that THIS is what my Brain looks like!

All you ADD/ADHD's out I right?!  Ya, you know I am:)!
Blessing and Love to you All!