Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Addiction Continues..Book 2 Review

My Book Addiction Saga Continues..

Ok- the Lime-Greenish Cat is out of the bag....I am Completely Addicted to Carla Sonheim's Drawing Lab Books!!  It's Bad!! 
Cat Sketch for "Imaginary Animal Lab"
 I Know, I know,  I already confessed to Obsessing about her first book in a previous postbut I am 'off the wagon' again!

Last night...I 'accidentally' searched her at the Kindle Store ...mostly because I was about to read her "Imaginary Animal Lab"  one for the Third Time.  And There it was!  Her Original Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists!! On Kindle!!! Curse you "Instant Book Gratification Technology!!"

Drawing Lab Book Cover
Ya- so of course I was up all night reading it...
The Moral to this story IS...ok, there's no Moral BUT, if you are trying to focus on One thing at a Time, or have any Particular Projects you are trying to finish before you start another one...Run!  Don't Read This!

Because you MUST have this book too!!!!
It's Terrible.  I had to be kicked out of the Shower last night because I was so obsessed with Finding Shapes in the Hard Water Stains on the Shower Door....they were Ballerinas....See, here they are:)
Shower Door Ballerinas
Ok...I'll admit I might be off the deep end.  But after reading Dozens of "How to Draw" books that were actually very good...this is the FIRST one to keep me up at night...collecting strange looking Rocks and scribbling 3 pages of Crazy Cat Sketches just so I can move on to the Next Assignment:)

Draw 40 Cats Assignment

Draw 40 Cats Assignment
I also worked on my Previous "Rock Sketches"...Here is my All Time Fave so far along with the Rock that inspired her:).
I can only have Virtual Kitties because we are all allergic so I have really Bonded with this one:)
Oh! And here is the Alligator..still in Progress..
I know what you're thinking..."I have So Many things going on, how can I add One More Thing?"  The answer is simple! We'll just Stop Sleeping!:) 
I found out that "Crazy" loves Company!  Carmen of Woopi-Doings has some pretty awesome Kitty Sketches!  Jump on over and check 'em out!
For sure you're going to see a LOT of Crazy Animal's on my Index Card a Day cards:)  Join me in my Madness!  Grab Carla's Book and check out her Blog "The Art of Silliness"......and bring Lots of Coffee!
Love to all!