Wednesday, July 17, 2013


The first step is Admitting you have a Problem....:)
Why, Why Why do I have to still do things like eat and walk the Chug when all I want to do is Paint!!!
Sigh...Ok so I can't put it off any longer.  It's time to Clean my Crazy Studio. 
My first clue is when the door won't open because I've piled up all my Collected 'Canvases' behind it. 
And once I squeeze in I have to jump on tip toe through all the "Gesso'd but still drying" things that for some reason must go Exactly in the middle of the floor...
The Hilarious thing is it really doesn't take that long to actually get it 'Functional'...'Pretty' that takes a while, but 'Functional'  I just haven't done it because there are so many shiny things in there that distract me!
Ever tried to put an ADD kid in room Full of Toys and told her she had to do one thing at a time and clean them all up?  He he!
As strange as it may seem, I actually LIKE organizing things, as long as it is something I 'Decided' to do as a project...not something I have to do because I was a slob the last week while I was 'frenzy painting'. 
I have been so inspired by those of you who have Bravely posted your 'Less than perfectly organized' Studio shots.  Love to you my Messy-Paintin' Sisters! 
I think it's the somewhat obsessive compulsive need to see a "Before" and "After" shot and check off that little "Done" box that makes Posting  these Pics so effective against Artcrastination.

So I think I will start over and declare today "Project Day".  Today's projects are Housework and Tidying up the Studio... That makes it sound Noble and Artistic...
 So 6 hours from now, when the Hubby is hungry and the doggies are 'crossing there legs' and I'm once again covered in Mod can chalk it up to "Artcrastination"