Monday, July 29, 2013

ICAD Round Up!

Index Card a Day- The Weekly Round Up!
I can't belive we are getting so Close to the end!!! Waaaaaa!!  I let Tammy Garcia know I wasn't quite sure how I was going to make it without ICAD and she assured me this was just the 'First Step' to even more Yummy Daisy Yellow Goodness:)
So this one is Sage and Sepia for "Summer of Color's" Challenge. I found these Crazy Cool Seed Pods while out on a "Sniffy" walk with the doggies. Love them! I used Gesso, Acrylic and a Pitt Pen for a quick sketch.
This last week I worked really Hard at learning the In's and Out's of Twitter- so I felt like this little guy was Warranted.  I love his little round belly!  This one is Watercolor.

This is my first 'Foray' into the Mystical World of White Pen-ness...This is a Gelly Roll which is one of the only things I can seem to find around here.  It's on Black Acrylic with a White Acrylic Stamp.  I had to go slowly with it and that is good for me:) 

The Ladies of ICAD are Incredible Artitst and lots of them do these Breath Taking 'Doodles'..I tell you... they are seriously Zen man!  This one is one of my attempts.  I was using their cards for Inspiration.  I just don't know how they come up with all those designs!

This one was directly inspired by one of the gals.  I was feeling so 'Out of Juice' that day and all I could do was grab a pen.  It did always does:)

And Then!....Everything changed....
After 2 weeks of waiting my Gelli Plate arrived and suddenly- all I could do was Gelli! 
Don't ask me why I tried lettering...Dyslexics of the Art world should seriously reconsider.  It took like 20 cards to figure out how to get it right:)  But it was crazy fun!

I was so busy Gelli-ing that I had to take a break for this one- It was my Special Horde of 'Gathered material' from when I was Marathon Training in California.  All Collaged and Doodled...and there's that white Pen again:)  This caption meant a lot to kind of said it all!

And Finally- this was inspired by some Awesome Graffiti going on on ICAD.  It was also a 'shout out' to my roots.  Believe it or not I grew up in a Gang infested school with Drive by Shootings and 14 foot Chain Link gates with Armed Proctor Guards.  I LOVE graffiti....good Graffiti that is:)  This was a little bit of where I come from..."Torn, but Beautiful":)

Are you Rounding up your ICADs? I would love to do a link up and spread the Love!
Leave  me a note and I'll get right back to you!
Love to All!