Friday, July 5, 2013

Index Card a Day Round Up

Index Card a Day Round Up
Can you believe it? More than a month of Index Card Joyous Juciness!
This week was a complete Departure from my normal 'Modus Operandi'... it was Neutral Colors!
What?  Can it be?   Did she actually create something that Didn't include something from every Color Family?  Is it a sign of the Apocalypse?
Well- lest you have Too high an Expectation of my "Neutral; Coffee and Tea Stained" attempts ...My first card resulted in this Poor Thing...
And YES.....those are Coffee Stains!....
Ya....I know...I know...

The Lovely Ladies of ICAD are posting the most Amazing 'Coffee and Tea Based" Art! There are Beautiful feathers painted with different dylusions of Coffee and Blissful Backgrounds of Tea Stainded 'Wonderey Goodness'!

I have no idea what their "Beverage-based-Secrets" are...but here's what happened when I stuck 2 Index cards in a bowl of my Precious Duncan Donuts Coconut Coffee....(with 3 sweeteners, Almond Milk and Whip Cream of course...)

Seriously?!  Needless to say those two guys are sitting in my "What-the-heck-am-I-gonna-do-with-these" pile!
BUT!  I did break out the Closest thing I was going to get to "Coffee/Tealiciousness" Trusty Ranger "Tea Stain" Ink Pad!

I even had a blast making my Very First Tutorial!  You can go check it out over a 'Cup of Joe'!
So Here are the Neutral Cards so far:)

It was a lot of Fun and a Considerable Challenge to stay in this Color Pallete!  Can't wait for the next one!! 
Do you have a "Beverage-Stained-Beauty" you'd like to Share with Us?  Send me a Link!
Love to All!