Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer of Color's Yellow and Red

Back in the Studio

After a tough day yesterday with the Memorial Service for our Fallen Fire Fighters, I knew I needed to get in to my Quiet Place and get Up to my Elbows in Paint.  Ok, it's never really 'quiet'....maybe 'quiet for me':)

I have been Dreaming of making Torn Flowers so I could display my  Awesome Collection of "Things-I-Found-on-the-Side-of-the-Road".  So I knew today was the day.  There are Bottle Caps, Buttons and other What Nots:)

The Summer of Color Scheme for the week is Yellow and Candy Apple Red....LOVE it! I used the "Splatter Flower" Technique from this Fantastic Video by Tammy on her Blog "My Flower Journal". Here's what I came up with:)


I used Glossy Mod Podge and it made it really Difficult to get a pic that wasn't Shiny.  Here's a few other shots:
These Final two are my Tribute to our Fire Fighters.  Prayers, Love And Scriptures are included all over them:) Altogether there are 19 Petals in all, each Specifically, Lovingly Prayed over:)


I plan on adding more to these two- when I do I'll post a little Mini- How to!
What have you been working on since the Heat Hit? I'd love to know!
Love to all!