Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Neutral Zone

Neutral? Really?!

You may already know that this last week has had me "Boldly going where Molly has Never Gone Before..."  straight into the "Neutral Zone"....(I get extra points for the Star Trek reference as we are an odd mix of "Trekkie" and "Red-neck"...)
  Our Prompt for this week's Index Card of the Day has been 'Neutral, Coffee and Tea Stain' and the Summer of Color Prompt is "Grey and Pale Pink".

I don't know if you've noticed...but this is WAY out of my Comfort Zone!  But it has been such a great stretch and challenge for me.  That's why I love these Challenges so much!  I sometimes really need the structure of a 'soft deadline' and using different colors has opened my eyes to so many New Possibilities!
Here are all the Index Cards for the week:)


This one is a Neutral Journal page I had fun with.  It has lots of 'Found Things' from my Runs and 'Sniffy Walks'
(A 'Sniffy Walk' is a walk taken Explicitly for the Enjoyment and Delight of a Doggie.  Not to be confused with an "Exercise Walk" which does not include 243 stops to Sniff and/or piddle...)
And in that same Color Scheme,  here is a Collage I am working on for a Cover of one of my Journals:)
Summer of Color's Pink and Grey was tricky for me too...until I found Monique Vanmeulebrook's awesome Tutorial Video!  As I happily banged my head to the awesome Music Tract I was inspired by both her Texture and Color use... Definitely worth watching!  
Here is what I came up with for Grey and Pink:)

The one on the left was using the techniques from Monique's Rockin' video.
Both Index Card a Day and Summer of Color have been SO Inspiring for me!  I don't know what I'm going to do when it ends! 
Go take a look at what Everyone is doing- I guarantee you will be Inspired...and Play some 'Scream-o' while you're there!:)
Love to all!