Sunday, July 21, 2013

Studio Peeks...Before and After

Studio Clean Up!

Finally...I can actually see the surfaces of my Studio!   And I hate to admit it, but it's SO much easier to find things....Darn it!!

So here are some Before and Afters...  I hope my chronic messiness will inspire you.  Not to be less messy of course, but to share your own  'Imperfect but Fabulous' Pics and Studio Peeks:)
Ok, so here we go! My Studio is our 3rd Bedroom...  My oldest "adopted" Son Graduated and is out on his own and doing great:) I was a bit worried that he would feel bad if I took over his room too soon...but I got over that!!
I knew it was time to clean when I had trouble opening the door:)  I was stashing all my collected Canvases behind it. 

Here it is Now..Voila!

 Next on to my Beloved Paper Hoard!  I divide them by color:  Blue and Green, Purple and Orange, Black-Brown, Red and Pink...For now the System Holds....
But obviously a "Containment Breech" is Eminent!

The Top 5 Colorful Containtrs I got at Costco and I use those for Different Projects.  So Each "In Progress" piece gets a bin and that way I can keep all the papers/paints and Goodies for each one separate.  I can also carry it with me around the house if I want to hang out with the Family and watch "Mountain Monsters".
Here it is all Cleaned Up! 
 In the Basket to the right is my "Miscellaneous" Hand Painted Papers.  Truth be told I like to Dump them all out on the floor and just kind of  Roll around in them when I need one:)
To the Right of my Paper Hoard is my Main Work Desk...ya, I know...
 I have my Inspiration Board above that.  I grabbed some Foam Board from the Dollar Store and nailed them up.  I can just stick things up with Thumbtacks.  All for a Buck!  Most of the Pics up there are from "21 Secrets Art Journaling" which I am still having a Blast with!

And Here it is "After"...As Clean as it Gets:)
And next to that...My Tower of Paint!  I may have seen this on Pinterest...I can't remember. If I see it again I'll post it.  Before I figured this one out I had bins of them everywhere and it was Really hard to find Colors.

Moving to the Right is my "Shelf of Much Collagey Magic-ness" which houses all my Delicious papers and Ribbons and Stamps...Oh my! 

Everyone knows that SHELVES are Never part of a "Functional Make Over"...these will have to wait until the "Pretty" Make Over"...

I use everything here all the time, so it's very hard to do anything but shove them back in while Sophie is blow drying things.

Here are all my old Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Children's Books, Tissue Ppaer and Music.  I especially love Hymnals and Old Music books.
 Here are all of My Collage Sources and Yummy Textures  and Yarn and what not...
Here are my Stamps, there are a few 'Homemades' in there.
Next is my little "Window to the World"...This is during my last "Paint Frenzy"with more than Several projects piling up:)

and Here is the Much awaited "After"! Ha!  I knew I had a table under there!

To the Right is my Project Table where I keep all the Bigger Stuff and my Bins of "Goodies".  Here are all the extra "Ephemera-type" things.  Also all the 'bits and what-nots' I find here and there.
Here we are all "Prettied Up"
All my "In Progresses" are Stacked to the Left:)

And Last, to the right on the Purple Wall are my "Shelves of Inspiration" where I keep my Journals and magazines and things that I would like to Paint on:)  Again, it's a good thing that Shelves aren't a part of Makeovers!

Someday soon my friends...Someday soon!
And Last but not Least- my "Drying" area which is right Smack in the Middle.  Sophie is hard at work here.  It's hard being so Cute!
I hope you enjoyed this little Tour:)  I promise to invite you back if I ever get around to doing a "Pretty" Make over!
What is the state of YOUR Craft Area right this Moment?
I would love to hear about it!
Love to All!