Friday, July 5, 2013

Share the Link Love Friday

Tutorials, How-To's and U-Tube...Oh my!
Grab a Cup of Coffee, your favorite Lap Pup...or two... and Join me for a Blog Hop!

Today's Posts have all been Inspirations to me this week.  As a Beginner, I am so Grateful when someone takes the time to post a "How to", Tuturial or video on part of their Process or especially on how they made a Particular Piece.
I really just needed to watch other people Paint!  This week it's been my inspiration to get in there, get Messy and even to Make Mistakes!

1. Pia Rom's Bold and brave Journal Painting Video on PiaRom's Art Blog. This gal is Bold!  She grabs this Journal and paints with what looks like Complete Reckless Abandon.  The Video is sped up so you get to watch everything unfold like Magic:)  I believe that she is not an English Speaker so there are some Adorable Translation quirks in it:)  I follow Pia's Blog and am a big fan of her work!

2.  I am so happy to have found Tammy's Blog "My Flower Journal" this week on Twitter.  She is a Flower Lover and has such a Clever and Creative Technique for making flower scenes.  I watched in Wonder and can't wait to give it a try! Jump over to her blog and don't miss Her Tutuorial slide show.  You can go at your own's perfect!

3.  This one is one of my Faves and I'm going to Rewatch it today!  Yay!  Monique Vanmeulebrook posted a Beautiful Piece on Summer of Color.  And we are So Spoiled!  She made a Tutorial Video!  Warning: If you aren't into "Hard Rock with a Splash of Scream-o", turn the sound down a bit- but Don't Miss it!!  I was mesmerized for 12 minutes!  My next piece for Summer of Color is based on her technique here.  She gets major Kudos from me!

4. So Carolyn Dube also posted a Wonderful Work on Summer of  Color.  Dreamy Pink and White on Recycled Mail!  Just finished watching it and Carolyn did a Great Job in this Tutuorial.  I loved her Energy and her Excitement:)  She also gave lots of Tips and Information as she went along which are great for me as a Beginner.  I will be trying several of her techniques as soon as I can get to my Studio! Hop on Over to her Blog "A Colorful Journey" and see for yourself!

5. Last but never least is Roben-Marie Smith!  I am Loving her class "Baby Got Back-to-Back" on 21 Secrets and am watching her video's over and over.  I love her Colorful, Playful Style and she is an Excellent Instructor.  If you haven't signed up- you can still jump in!  Hop over to "Every Life has a Story" and Bop around a bit!
So that's another Share the Linky, Linky Love Friday!  Have fun Hopping!

Love to all!