Friday, July 19, 2013

Blog Hop Link Love!

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This week I found some Really Great Places to go for Inspiration and Artsy Juiciness! They are not in Any particular Order:)

#1 Grace Mendez in "Coached By Grace" You all Know that I am on the Hunt for the Perfect White Pen!  Ok- ANY White Pen that actually works...Grace Mendez wrote a Great Blog documenting her Search for the' Illusive White Pen'. I'll be referencing this a Lot on my blog!  Great Job Grace!

#2  Marit's Paper World-  Oh, Marit, amaze us daily with your Index Card a Day 'Modern Abstract Gorgeousness'....Here is her Blog and I hope I got the link Directly to a page that Documents all the Steps she took to her Delicious Art Journal Pages...

#3 Lots of ICAD's over at "FiddleSnips".  I wanted to find a post for Joanne where you got to see quite a bit of her Classy Take on Index Card a Day which really gives you a feel for her Sleek Style and Sense of Humor.  Go jump on over and enjoy her Retro Rad-ness!

#4 One of My New Faves!  CloudNineChic!  Check out Andrea's 'Work in Progress' and get a little Taste of her Delicious Talent!  If you're not on Google need to be! If only to meet Andrea!  Go now!
#5 Ok...if you want to see what I WISH I could make...check out Roben-Marie Smith's Awesome Mail art.  I love how she manages to get all that color in without it either becoming muddy or too's just Spot on!  LOVE!  I am thinking about getting in to Mail Art just so I can maybe get on her list!
Socks says she is now VERY interested in Mail Art...Lots and lots of Mail art...send it in Buckets:)
Love to All!