Thursday, July 11, 2013

Outpouring of Love for Firefighter's Families

Feeding the Masses with Love

I was blessed to have a tiny part in helping with the food for a few of the Funerals this week for our Firefighters.  Our Church teamed up with another Church who had three of the Firefighter's families attending there.  We just wanted to help and Food was what they needed. And  Food they most Certainly Recieved!!

Originally they put the call out for Food to feed 300 at this particular event. A few days later we got an e-mail that they were expecting over 1,000!  We are a small town- but we Pulled Together!

In order to keep the Vehicle Traffic down, our Brilliant Leader arranged to have people Drop Off there food at our Church several hours before the event.  By the time I got there, there were literally Rooms Full of food.  Two Refrigerators Stuffed and an Office with every surface covered...that was at 11:00.  We had Continuous Constant Flow of people bringing in  Food- Plates and plates of it,  made with love and handed off with tears.  We filled 4 Large Vehicles with Food- and I mean Filled!  My Expedition was stacked floor to ceiling-and all the seats.  And they kept coming!  I stayed behind to catch a few more as they were all precious to us and made with Love and we didn't want to miss any

When we arrived there were already over 50 men in Uniform and the Red Cross- and it was 2 hours before the event. 
This is the Wonderful Tribute they set up at the front.  A huge American flag hung between the ladders.  All we could do was hug and pass out cookies:)

It's hard to describe how much food we packed into their good sized Kitchen.  We were so busy unloading and cramming things into fridges and shelves that I didn't get very many good pics.  The Wonderful Team who was Organizing the event was quite surprised at what everyone had was a bit overwhelming.

Needless to say I personally carried in 50 lbs of Potato Salad and over 1,000 handmade Cookies, and other wonderous goodies.  I had at least 20 Giant foil tins of salads and that was just in my truck.  I know the other car had at least 1,000 cookies on trays:)
Here is one of 4 tables holding the Goodies.  There is just as much stored under each table as there was on top:) 
This particular Firefighter loved Red we had about 12 giant Tins of those all around.  Plenty for everyone.
I can't say enough about the Wonderful people that Organized, Volunteered and Attended this event and the two others that we were Blessed to help with.  It was an amazing outpouring of Love and Prayer.
It may seem strange that I focus so much on this little aspect of the event, but for so many of us this was just the little way we could personally help.  And I know that everyone poured every little piece of their heart into what they brought.
Sometimes you wonder if a meal, or a plate of food has any affect.  After 5 and half years of chemo and living in and out of the Hospital and Ronald Mc Donald House, I can tell you that coming back from a really bad day...and finding a home cooked's Priceless.  Every night a different Group Volunteers to feed everyone at Ronald Mc Donald House and that has been one of our most treasured memories.
So bake, chop, cook or shop and know that it does make a difference and every plate matters!  A million thanks to each and everyone who is pulling together to bless our Community!
Love to all!