Friday, July 12, 2013

More Linkin' Lovin'!

Time to Hop on the Linky Love Train!

1. First of all....

Cathy B came out with her 3rd "Little House Tutorial" Video!  If I have already told you about this...go again!  You know I'm obsessed with her 'Little Houses':)  I've watched this series several times. They are short and sweet!  Go!  Hurry!  Cathy B's blog and Tutorial. 
Next is Sophie's Choice of the Week:
 2.  I have been visiting this Fun Blog by one of my Fave Painters Pia Rom for a while now.  She has this Awesome, but slightly intimidating, Challenge where she gives you a Vintage looking Pic and you are supposed to take it and make a "Picasso" inspired Painting.  This is totally Fresh and New in my book!  I LOVE the things she's come up with and one of these days I will Rise to the Challenge:)  Go check it out!! Mix it Monthly by Pia Rom.

If you missed our Dollar Store Diva's Item of the Week..jump to it here!
Our find this week was Brown Craft bags- 2 for a Buck!  This brings me to......

3.  Recycled Daze by Jill Eudaly is a Fun Romp through the Jungle World of using Recycled Material in your art.  I am Crazy nuts over re-using and re-purposing anything and everything so Jill hit a Sweet Spot with me!  On this post she uses Brown Paper Bags to do all kinds of Ingenious Projects.  I am going to steal several of her Suggestions!

Grab a Cup of Coffee for these Next Ones!

4.  I discovered Donna Downy on one of my Google Plus Communities, Beginning Art Journaling, and I had a BLAST with this video she did.  It was 14 minutes of Mezmorizing fun!  Grab a cup of Joe and settle in.  She is Hilarious! Donna Downy's U-Tube Video.
5.  And Finally!  I found Kristel Norton this week!  She Moderates a wonderful Google Plus Community called "Beginning Art Journaling" which I have been LOVING!  Kristel is a Prolific Tutorial maker.  I have been looking for her Tuturial on Hand Made Stamps to Share with you!  and finally found it!  Jump to her Blog site and scroll down a bit and less than 5 minutes she makes like 7 stamps!  So cool!  Kristel Norton's Home Made Stamp Tutorial!

Have Fun Hopping!  Do you have a Link you Love?  Share it with us! Just leave me a Comment and I will Hop on Over!

Love to All!