Friday, July 19, 2013

Tech Newbies Unite!

Twitter-ma-Google-ma-Facebook-ma-Instagram Me!
Whew!  It's been a busy week!  I had SO much fun finding new Blogs and meeting New Awesome Artsies this week!  I have joined Google Plus, "Instagrammed" Successfully and "Tweeted" like a bird:)
Today marks a Milestone for me.  This is the first day I really felt relaxed and comfortable on my Social Networks.  Ok, maybe not Totally Relaxed- but definitely Comfortable and Excited to be there.

  I have met some truly wonderful people that I am proud to call Friends and Art Buddies.  This week I guess I just finally memorized a lot of the 'How to's' so I wasn't so panicky about being able to "Find that Tweet" or not sure if "Anyone Google Direct Messaged" me.  It kind of FINALLY even felt a little 'Familiar'...Huge sigh of Relief.
This is my "Twitter" Pic...Get it?...It's a Bird....Ok, I'll shut up now...

If you mentioned that you met me "Online" to anyone in my Family you would read the "Mom Did What? Look"  on their face and know that this has not just been a 'Steep Learning Curve' for's been a Stinkin' "Learning Cliff"!
I have seriously read 4 books on Twitter, 3 on Google Plus, one on Instagram (which I am still a bit lost on) and I am currently working on "Facebook for Dummies" and "Etsy for Dummies". 

SO- all of this to say, if  YOU are tech challenged....if the word 'Twitter' send's a chill down your spine....If you just said "Google what?!"...You Are Not Alone!!!  It CAN be done!  I AM the Dummy that they wrote those books for!!  And I have to be honest, most of the time the "Dummy" books were a bit over my head and I ended up crying for a bit at my own little "I-can't-tech-Pitty-Party":)
This is the Profile Pic Sophie just posted when she joined her new Google+ Community- "Dogs"

I am SO willing to share Anything and Everything I have figured out and how I did it!  I'm not sure what forum that will show up in, but if you Need Help...Contact me K?!  There are no Stupid Questions...Ok there are no "More" stupid questions...I asked them already.  Never be afraid to say "Molly how do I...?"
I'll say  "I have absolutely no idea.... but let's go learn how together!"
 We "Tech-Newbies" have to stick together!  Safety loves numbers...or Birds of a Feather....Or...ok, I have no idea where I'm  going with that one...
I'm not sure if I will start a "Newbie" Face Book Group Page (Ha! I know what that is now!) or what, but it's coming and I would love your Input on it.  Would it be helpful? 
 What kind of artsie Tech things are you struggling with?  What would you love to learn if it wasn't so confusing?  Are you able to move around on the Internet and find the blogs and Info you need? Would you Tweet if you new you could figure it out?  Would you join an Art Journal Community on Google Plus  if you knew what the heck that was?

Please leave me a comment or an e-mail, or text me or Tweet me or whatever you are most comfortable doing:)  Here are all the ways you can get ahold of me:)
Gmail (e-mail:)
Tweet Me:  @mollylollyloo
Instagram Me: @mollylollyloo
GooglePlus Me: @MollyFreibott
But best of all....Just leave me a Comment and I will Find YOU!

Sophie is very interested in Connecting on Twitter, but Coco prefers Google Plus as she says she can "Not Possibly Communicate her Complex Philisophical Ideas and Musings in a mere 140 Characters".
Let me know your thoughts!
Love to all!