Saturday, June 29, 2013

Thrift Shop Finds and Fairy Houses

Summer is Here! Time for Fairy Houses!
Whew!  It's been a Busy Week!  My babies (ok, they are 18 and 16... but Still my Babies!) are off being spoiled by one of their Wonderful Gramas.  Having an empty house is so strange...a little wonderful- but only for a few days, then I miss the Chaos!
It HAS  given me some more time to Hide Away in my Studio.  I am Very Slowly moving forward with my Fairy Houses Canvas.  There's a lot of 'dry time' and 'Hunting for Treasures' time so it's taking a while.  I love searching for Little Tid Bits and Lovelies to add on:) 
So yesterday I hit the Thrift Shops!  I hadn't been in a while and the Pickin's were Fab-ulous!! 
If you're ever at a Thrift Shop and see some Crazy Lady sitting 'cross legged' on the floor with one of the Bins labeled "Crafts" on her lap....mumbling to herself.....Ya, it's me:)  Introduce yourself and I might share! Ok, maybe....bring Nutella...

 Here are some of the Treasures I found!

Yes!  Score!!!
Such a great Haul!  I searched in the Bottoms of Bins for these babies.  They cringe when they see me coming because they know I managed to find every single Bizarre Unmarked Item in the store:)
I'm thinking of adding these on to this particular Canvas today:
We'll see how it goes!
Tiny Treasures
Now..... off to the Paint Cave!
I would love to hear about a 'Work in Progress' that you are doing!  Leave me a Comment...and send me a pic!
 Love, Love LOVE! ( You know I'm a Crazy Fan!) Go see it!
Love to all!