Thursday, June 27, 2013

Imaginary Animals with Carla Sonheim!

It's Finally Out On Kindle!!!!

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I've been Lusting after Carla's Books ever since I first saw them in a Barnes and Noble!  I almost Cried when I couldn't find them Digital.  And THEN...two days ago, I saw it in the Kindle Store for the first time and's MINE!!!
Ok- so I tend to Voraciously Consume Books....I've read it Twice in Two Days.  Love, Love, Love it.
I have to tell you that when I turned to Chapter 1 and front of me...was Carla's Collection of Photos of Paint chipping, Oil Stains and Various Blobs found out on the street I actually almost Wept. 
I have Never Confessed to anyone my Neurotic love of strange markings and Graffiti...I thought my collection of Hard Water Stains, Sidewalk Gum Shapes and Errant Spray Paint on Park Benches was just Too Weird.  But, no more!  I have found "My People".
As we have lived in Downtown Phoenix for half of our time with Nick's Treatment, I have collected Way too many Digital pics of Strange Stains, Graffiti and Concrete Cracks etc. and NOW I can finally put them to use.
I Love Carla's sweet style and sense of Humor.  Like I said, I read the whole thing as soon as I got it, Immediately Woke up the Chug
Can you stand the Cute?!
and went out in search of Inspiration....
We live out in the sidewalks or graffiti, so I collected Strange Rock Shapes.  Here are my Very First Imaginary Animal Sketches....I think I love them...:)
This one is My Favorite...It's a Kitty Butt:) He he!

This one is Sort of an Alligator:)

Definitely Chipmunk-ish!
I can't wait to start Coloring these in!  Ha- in my Spare Time right?! 
I hope you will take a Second Look next time you pass a Fascinating Oil Stain or are Rinsing your Hair in the Shower and the Shampoo Bubbles make a Fabulous 'Moose-Fish' as it slides down the door:)!

Oh!! And P.S. MollyLollyLoo should be "Word Verification" Free thanks to a little help from Carmen at Whoopidoings and BJ of Ccraft Corner!  Go check them out...these girls Rock!