Friday, June 28, 2013

Blog Hoppin' Link Lovin' Friday!

Time to Share Some Linky Love!

I have had so much fun this week just exploring and meeting other Artsy Bloggers.  I am new to all of this, but this week I Really felt like I was starting to get to know you all better:)

Oh- Real Quick!  I am pretty sure I took the freaky "Word Verification" off my Comments Section, but I can't tell on my end.  Would you be kind enough to leave me a Comment and let me know if it's off?  Thanks so much!!
Ok!  Onward to the Linkiness!
My Recent Index Card A Day project is a Collection of some Carefully Hoarded Words that I've been wanting to use.  I think it expresses the Spirit of Share the Link Love:

So Try Something New and Find Some New Friends!
1.  Now...first off is ChristyTomilson's Blog.  She was my Very First Online Class...I was so Terrified!  But she is one of my All time favorite Artists and teachers:)  Her 'She Art' Classes are just Amazing!  She just did her first Art Retreat and her Pics on her blog are really Great!

2.  Robin-Marie Smith of "Every Life has a Story" just got Published in Art Journaling Magazine!  I Love, Love, Love her quirky style.  Go check out her wonderful pics and celebrate with her!

3.  Next on my Faves List is Linda Arandas at Dandelion Ink Studios.  I' am getting to know Linda better every day both on her blog and on Twitter.  AND we are Both "Foster Mothering" baby birds that fell out of nests:)  Her adorable story is on her blog right now!  Oh ya..and I'm a Huge fan of her art! Jump on over!

4.  Ok- so I thought I was High Energy...this gal makes me feel like a Couch's Crafty Pod's lovely Diane Gilleland!  I see her Sweet Smiling Face every day on Twitter and she is just a Power House of amazing Crafti-news and Links.  It think I visit and Retweet her stuff at least a few times a day.  She is a great one to "Follow"!

5.  Last but not Least-one of my New Favorite Authors Tamara Holland.  She wrote the Book "Tweet Right" which made learning Twitter a Hilariously fun experience. 
Here is a link to a great Blog Post she wrote about finally feeling Beautiful and Attractive right where she is.  Now you can see her pic for yourself on my "5 Mini Book Reviews" Post...she's quite Gorgeous...but isn't it true that we are all our own Worst Critics?  This post is so worth the read! 
So GO!  Be FREE! And Link with Reckless Abandon!
Love to all!